Tips for Growing Succulents in Containers Successfully

Updated March 5, 2023

Succulents make eye-catching container choices because they are easy to grow and they can be found in almost any retail garden center. Today I am sharing my personal tips for growing these desert flora in containers successfully.

succulent dish from Costco

While planting succulents is pretty easy, today I want to share a few tips that will help keep plants healthy and happy.  This fleshy plant is one of the few plants that always do well in full sun containers. 

Below you will find tips on how to grow these beauties in containers successfully.  The image below is of a flapjack surrounded by Sedum Reflexum ‘Angelina’.  Both of these succulents do extremely well in full sun containers on my patio during the summer months.  The color on both of these varieties totally pops when in full sun. Firstly, note how well the larger succulents perform with a LIVE succulent ground cover in the same container.


Kalanchoe Luciae "Paddle Plant/Flapjack"

Tips for Growing Succulents In Containers

Pachyveria Blue Giant

For the past few years at Costco you can find a large dish container planting of succulents.  I have been able to add to my collection for cheap thanks to that purchase.  As I watch folks purchase them I can’t help but wonder what they are going to do with those succulents at the end of the summer season.   With the tips I share on this post you will be able to keep succulents like those in Costco containers for years to come.

  • Make sure the container you grow succulents in has proper drainage.  If the plant gets too wet it may die.  To prevent this be sure your container can drain water rapidly.
Year 2 Planting in Container on Patio
  • If the plate or container you use doesn’t have holes add rocks to the bottom before adding soil that is appropriate for cactus.
  • Use a shallow container to be sure the succulent doesn’t get lost in the soil or potting medium.
  • Protect your container of succulents from all danger of frost. Some succulents do not like to go below 32*F. Almost all succulents will need to brought indoors away from frost and freezing dangers.  With a few lights and keeping the heat cozy succulents can do well indoors.
  • Succulent containers love a full sun windowsill or under lights indoors during winter months. Succulents will not do well away from the sun or the proper light.
  • As the succulent get bigger and produce new ‘babies’ be sure to transplant the new ones to give the succulents room to grow healthy.
  • Be creative with succulents by planting in garden pumice or another rock medium.  I purchase my pumice on Amazon at this link. 

Growing Succulents Favorites

In the photo below is another planting of the same flapjack I’ve been growing since 2012.  The peachy colored plant in the front I  believe is called the Sedum Adolphi ‘Golden Sedum’.  The dark smaller succulent behind both plants I believe is in the Rubrotinctum Aurora mini sedum varieties.  Aren’t they all just amazing?!


In another post, I share how I transplant babies to give as gifts.  Be sure to check out that post on my site.

Baby Shower Succulent Container Gifts
Mini Gift Containers

I keep my extensive succulent collection in my 20′ geodesic biodome.  I was inspired to keep growing that collection after visiting the Munich Botanical Garden in Germany in 2018.   Here is a photo of a few of the babies I transplant on the north-facing fan shelf in the dome. (below)

Mix Container Summer 2018

More Growing Succulents Tips

In conclusion to reading this blog post about my succulents success you may want to check out additional post.  Below are a few of my favorite succulent shares from my personal experience over the years.

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Happy Succulent Gardening,


  1. Thanks, Bren. Here in Zone 7B there are a few succulents that can take our winters. I was surprised to see optunia (prickly pears) and so much sedum planted in the ground here. Even survived our crazy snow storms a few years ago. Succulents are garden troupers in my book.

    1. I totally agree with you on what troopers the succulents are. A few years back I want on a garden tour that took place in Cleveland and I fell in love with prickly pear cactus planted right in the ground. It was such an amazing site to see right on the Lake and I know they get colder then we do. I have yet to have the nerve to keep mine outdoors. Mine stay snug in the dome garden.

      I shared some photos from the Cleveland planting on my site at : http://brenhaas.com/prickly-pear-cactus/

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