Kalanchoe luciae “Flapjack” Easy To Care For Year-Round

Art Flapjack ContainerIn this post, I share a few tips about the Kalanchoe luciae “Flapjack” that I grow (and kill) in my garden.  It really is one of my favorite plants to grow outdoors but can be a little tricky in my hardiness zone 5b / aka: Ohio.   I will share with you the basics of keeping this treasure looking its best and surviving the cold winters.

Flapjack in San Jose city Containers

Living and growing in zone 5b Ohio can be a little tricky when it comes to adding cactus and succulents to your garden.  I want to note that the Kalanchoe or Flapjack is NOT a cactus.  I was almost kicked out of a succulent group for calling the plant cactus on Facebook.    The flapjack is not a cactus because it doesn’t have areoles which are small, round, cushion-like mounds of flesh were spines, hair, leaves, flowers, and more grow from.

From My Home And Garden

Greenhouse Flapjack

What fun is a plant if you can’t take lots of photos right?  Below check out my collection of images I’ve taken over the years showing how amazing the flapjack really is.

What is this plant?  Can you believe I didn’t remember the name?  I do however remember killing the poor thing that I had for over 2 years.  The container it was planted in got tucked under another plant in the dome shade zone.  The plant doesn’t like to get watered when it is cold.  The poor thing died within a month which is how long it took me to find it in my dome garden. (( sad face indeed))

Kalanchoe Luciae "Paddle Plant/Flapjack"

Organic Gardening

I brought my first Flapjack home from Mulberry Creek Garden Center in Ohio.  The garden center worker gave me all the details on how to bring it indoors.  The has had many multiplies.  I have a few over the years but get busy and forget to watch them close in the dome greenhouse.  They don’t like to get to wet during the winter season in the dome.

Succulents in Garden Center

Let’s Connect

It is no wonder this plant is a favorite in my garden because of its’ year-round color interest.  What do you think about the “Flapjack” Kalanchoe luciae.  I think the official name is way too long but I am very sure I can remember ‘FLAPJACK”.   Be sure to comment on this post to share more about your experience with this plant. I would also love to hear from you on my contact page so you are added to my newsletter.

Happy Flapjack Growing,

Bren Haas


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  1. Never realized you had a separate site I only see your garden chat this is a beautiful blog page I enjoy watching all that you do you kept me company reading your stuff while I was having a treatment at the hospitalToday.

    • Thank you for commenting on Penny and I hope you get better soon. I’ll try and post some COLOR to look forward to in my next post.


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