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  1. Hey Bren,

    Was wondering if everything is ok by you. I haven’t seen you around in a few weeks. I hope you are ok!!

    Abbie M

    1. Hey Abbie -thanks for stopping by my website. I am here! I’ve been busy gardening and creating content on my website hoping you all will stop by and say HELLO!
      Thank you for stopping by. I just finished a fun video featuring some pretty dahlias. You’ll find it at Dahlia Hill Public Garden in Midland Michigan Please comment and let me know you saw this and checked out the post! I can’t wait to talk gardening with you soon.

  2. Hello Bren! I have forced tulips indoors before, with success. However, this year’s they have grown beautifully, but have not flowered! They are tall and healthy. 3 weeks have passed and I see only green buds. Please advise!

    1. Some tulips will only live up to 5 years. There could be a few reasons the bulb didn’t produce a bloom. I would recommend the following:
      Feed the bulb once you get it planted with 10-10-10 or 10-15-10 slow-release fertilizer. Don’t forget the bulb needs to go through a chilling time of about 12 weeks. It is best to store them in the refrigerator because you don’t want them to freeze. I hope this helps! I am doing a post featuring your question at: https://brenhaas.com/tag/tulips

  3. Hello, congrats on Oliver! We got basically the same pup, ours is called Bucky and he is only 3 months old, I was wondering what’s the height of Oliver right now, take care en enjoy Oliver.

    1. Oliver is a cutie … I’ll try and do a video measuring him just for you!

  4. Hi – I see that you have or had one of those greenhouses that is pictured in your web page. My Mother bought one and she has passed away. We lost a roof panel to snow. Do you have any recommendations for repair or replacement? There was a U.K. Phone on the sticker which has faded and I believe that company no longer makes greenhouses. Any info you have would be appreciated.

    1. Great to connect with you Bobbi – I’ve been growing in my 10’x 12′ greenhouse since 2009. The company that designed mine isn’t in business any longer. Honestly, there are so many new styles of greenhouses on the market today with modern technology to research. I personally recommend looking into building a basic structure from scratch. You can find most framing and even proper covering for greenhouses at hardware stores. I recently was looking at a polycarbonate panel at a Menards Store locally. Have you seen my Dome Greenhouse? If you get alot of wind and other crazy weather this might be something to consider. Everything on this structure was purchased locally – except the covering which can be purchased online. have a look.. tell me what you think! Brens’ Geodesic Bio Dome Greenhouse.

  5. My arbrovitie are hiding my house. Can I top these. And trim on sides. It’s April here.

    1. Hey Yvonne – I tried emailing you but didn’t hear back so I will post my reply here with hopes you return to see this. Personally, I would take out the old arborviae if they are blocking your home. Having plants root systems like that conifer are not good close to most any foundation. If you just can’t bare to get rid of them you can always chop off the top of the shrub so the home is visible. My neighbor did this to a 20 foot tall arborvitae after the top 1/2 died. I share a few different arborvitae that are on the market today if you decide to just pull yours and start over. You can find them on my site at : https://brenhaas.com/?s=arborvitae

  6. Hello Bren,
    I am trying to purchase a Loreta Lynne rose bush. My mother, Loretta, left this world late last year and I was hoping to plant this rose bush by her ashes. Would you know where I can purchase one? Hoping to plant it in late June. Thank you. – Email is probably best.

    1. Thank you so much for connecting with me Noreen. I appreciate your email inquiry. I just did a search on the web to find the Loretta Lynn Rose and had no luck. I will keep you on my contact email list to send you updates if I should happen to find this plant. I wrote about this on my website at: https://brenhaas.com/autumn-with-lorette-lynn/

  7. Hi, was wondering how much it costs to have a few pieces replaced on greenhouse? We have a some rips and would like to have them replaced if possible.. thank you

    1. Hey Mike,
      Thanks for stopping by my website and leaving a comment about the greenhouse.
      I’ve not had to replace any of the covering so I do not know at this time what it would cost to replace it. When we work on restoring some of the panels I will be sure to post it on my website so stay tuned.

      Happy Gardening,
      Bren Haas

  8. Hey, I just came across one of your videos and I like your website. I live in 8A on the NC/SC border near CHarlotte and I just grew a beautiful dwarf banana over last summer and I brought it in the garage (which is heated on the cold periods) and also used a humidifier. Anyway, long story short, I overwatered and root rot developed around 11 months old. I am still broken-hearted. I wonder if you could recommend where to buy a new plant and also do those truly tiniest make bananas? I will be reading up on your info. PS. I get a lot of help from a banana forum, if you haven’t already gone on there, it’s full of info about all this stuff. PS I wish I had a dome!

    1. When it is cold (below 45*F / October – early March) I would not water the banana tree during this time. I have killed a few of these banana trees by watering them too much. The plant really doesn’t need it during this dormant time. The Florida extension office has a great article on growing Banana Trees: https://gardeningsolutions.ifas.ufl.edu/plants/edibles/fruits/bananas.html

      I have yet to get a harvest off of any of my banana trees. I have a new PINK BANANA I am going to start from seed this month so stay tuned!

  9. Hi Bren .. yes my name is really Brenda Haas ! I look forward to your helpful hints, recipes, etc.
    i saw that you had a recipe for cupcake squash .. I can’t find it , could you post please ? My first time growing in the garden this year . Thank you.
    Brenda Haas

    1. Thanks for asking about the Cupcake Squash Recipe. I’ve been updating my recipe shares and some how I missed this popular one! You can find the recipe that is easy to copy (and make) at Mouth Watering Cupcake Recipe here on my website. Happy Autumn and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

  10. Hi, glad to find your site. I also have the Northern Light Greenhouse. It’s great, but I need to repair some of the plastic. I have contacted Gardener’s Supply about replacement film, which they used to carry, but not any more. They referred me to a mega greenhouse supplier that had never heard of such a product… I believe it was 6 mil plastic, originally it was coated with Tedlar. It has to be able to withstand a small amount of heat with a heat gun to tighten up the panels. Thoughts? My neighbor has two of these greenhouses also needing some repair. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for commenting. Yesterday one of my middle panels got hit by the wind and the film completely fell apart. It was bound to happen because those coverings DO NOT late forever. I will document how my husband I end up replacing that cover so please stay tune. I can email you or even text you on mobile if you want updates. You can also follow my site by visiting weekly to see what is new. STAY TUNED!

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