Hey, It’s me Bren and I’m living and growing in zone 5b Ohio.  I LOVE learning from all the amazing growers from around the world.  Some of my favorite things to do is take photos of architecture (including barns), growing food and flowers, connecting with others who grow and of course my pets!

winter photography

That’s me .. usually hiding behind the lens and sharing it on social media.

As I look back on my life to share with you today I realize it is the hardiness zone I’ve lived in most my life even though I’ve moved all over the place as a kid.

Growing Up in the Midwest

We were always outside playing, camping and just being kids.  Some of my favorite memories are at my Moms’ family farms picking tomatoes and pickles or my Dads’ sisters home out on the Lake.  I love the photo of me and my new gardening tools from Easter 1973 in the collection above.  Check out the candy basket behind me and I’m ready to get outside and start gardening. I can still smell those roses that were outside off the front porch in Toledo, Ohio.  As I created my garden as an adult I always remembered that and wanted to create memories like I have for my children.

My parents always supported my passion for art by enrolling me in Saturday classes at the Toledo Art Museum which paved the way to my career in Design.  I majored in Design and Fine Arts at the School of Art Institute in Chicago and University of Toledo.


Fashion Figure Design

Fashion Figure Designs From My Junior and High School Sketch Journals

Creating my Home & Garden

In 2003 my husband and I moved our family from an old Sears home we renovated with a maxed out small garden in town to 18 acres out in the country.  I began blogging about my adventures in creating a new living space located in the middle of farm land Ohio.

My first website was created in 2005 and by 2007 I was working freelance selling photography to professional garden industry businesses with international publications.


Being a Mom in Ohio

I share Childrens gardening from my experience raising two of my own along with the adventures I have with gardening today with my Niece #littlehelper who is excited to grow tomatoes at age 4!

What Social Media Has Done For Me

With over 10 years of web development experience and learning hands on the latest social media technology I’ve work for the top Home and Garden Shows in the United States. Specializing in digital photography, social media content building, web development and social media strategy.

❋ Co:Host of Garden Chatter Google Hangout weekly connecting gardeners, bloggers and experts in the field so we can all grow with Adam Cortell. (2014-2015)

❋ Community Board Manager on Ask&Share HGTVgardens (2014-2015)

❋ Brand marketing and developing social platform creating #gardenchat : Popular Twitter Chat Forum (2010-2015).

❋ Worked independently for many the leading flower, home and garden shows and events throughout the United States. Capturing content (still photography and video) to promoting events and build brand for Philadelphia Flower Show ( 2012) , Northwest Flower and Garden Show (2011-2013), Independent Garden Center Show (2011-2014) , Subaru of America Events (2011-2013) , Freelance Brand building : Writer / Blogger for Hunts – Ketchum PR (2012-2013) Archive of Events.

Me : Proven WInners, P.Allen Smith, Lawn and Garden

Highlights from my blogging career include working for Shirley Bovshow, having my front porch published in a magazine, touring and sharing trials gardens in Miami and being on P.Allen Smiths top blogger list.

I had only been blogging a year when Garden World Report creator Shirley Bovshow approached me about working for her as a still photographer.

Garden2Blog Reunion 2015

I’m a P.Allen Smith Garden2Blog : Garden Blogger!

NBGplantnerds at #VeggieTrials2015

One of the coolest blogger events I’ve ever attended was the NBGplantnerds at #VeggieTrials2015.  We had a great time on the West Coast touring amazing gardens put together by the Seed companies who provide seeds for the USA and most of the world!


gardenchat_logoclipBy 2010 I had began growing my own network on social media dedicated to connecting, sharing and growing with others on Twitter that has a global with audience impressions well over 100,000 during the hour presentation in a short four years.  You can read more about #gardenchat network at : Connect Share Grow.com

In late 2014 I became co:host of Garden Chatter with Adam Cortell.  It’s been a great experience connecting with people in the industry using Google Hangouts.

Garden Blogger Conference

It was an honor to be acknowledged by the Garden Blogger Conference in 2015 for my passion for social media marketing in the garden world.  The Garden Blogger Conference literally changed my life and has helped me brand myself.

Who Am I?

I’m Bren Haas and I’d love to connect with you on social media!