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Bren (Brenda) Haas has been living and growing in her home state of Ohio for most of her life. Bren and her husband Andy have been building their home and garden surrounded by farmland since 2003.  Joining them on their journey has been many rescue pets and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Oliver. Bren Haas began her career as photographer for Garden World Report featuring DIY star Shirley Bovshow. She has worked with leading horticulture trade shows such as the Philadelphia Flower Show,  Seattle’s Northwest Flower and The Independent Garden Show in Chicago.  Bren Haas created BrenHaas.com as away to document all the things she lives and loves! 

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More than a blog… Creative Living and Growing  with Bren Haas celebrates positive living with recipes, gardening, travel and country life.

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I’m thrilled by people’s interest in my website so I put together a list of the frequently asked questions.

May I use your photographs on my site? Please contact me to use my photography features on this blog / website. All my images are all copyrighted.

On what platform do you host your blog? I initially started my blog (BGgarden) on Blogspot, then moved over to WordPress when I rebranded to me ( BrenHaas.com)

What do you do for a living? I work full-time in my home and gardens growing year-round. I create unique content featuring reviews and other useful tips shared on social media and my website to inform others.

How’d you get your start? I started blogging in 2005 to share my garden.  One day I got a call from a gal who is a DIY celebrating asking if I could be her still photographer.  Later my horticulture images have been featured around the world in Ads and other publications.  Hosting a Twitter chat for over 1o years that highlighted real gardeners lead me to many events where I served as brand a Ambassador. 

What’s your policy on working with brands? I’m extremely selective about the brands I work with and only partner with companies that are a natural fit my audience. In the past, I’ve worked with Corona Tools, Burpee Seed, HGTV gardens, Fiskars Gardening, Miracle Gro, just to name a few.  If you are a small or big business and you’d like to work with me connect with me on my website.

Do you do product reviews? I learned the hard way to be more select with products I present to my audience on my network. I decline most of the offers that come my way. I only showcase things on my site that I truly love and would normally buy on my own. In the case that something has been given to me, I always include that it’s courtesy of that brand (c/o). Unless clearly marked as a “Sponsored” post, I am not compensated by any of the brands featured on the site. Additionally, you can read my site’s “Privacy and Disclosure Policy”

How do you make a living writing  and video blogging? I do most of my work because I love it and not for a profit.  I have a few affiliate links and I’ve done marketing consultations and collaborations, along with photography I sell to help keep my website up to date.  

Do you use affiliate links? Yes. While we do not prioritize affiliate links over non-affiliate links, some online retailers provide us with a small percentage of any sale made through a link provided on my site. In other words, if you buy something through my links, we may earn an affiliate commission.  Read more on my disclosure page here.

Is your garden and greenhouse open to the public?  I do not open my grounds to the public, but welcome online interaction and suggestions.

Why was my comment removed/not published? I appreciate constructively critical feedback, but my goal is to keep the discussion positive and if the tone of your comment is rude, angry, or in poor taste, it won’t be published. 

Additional questions maybe submitted on my Contact Page.

Bren Haas

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