Great to connect with you here on my website.  I hope you continue reading the information I provided below about myself.  The reason I share online is to connect with people like you! Please be sure to comment below or visit my contact page and let me know what you think about Bren Haas.

About Me

I am the daughter of two amazing midwestern folks who loved being outdoors and being a positive influence in this world.  Their values totally rubbed off on me and I am blessed to continue the tradition with my own family. My experiences are what I enjoy sharing online with hopes of making this world a little more positive.

  • Work History –  Since 2003 I’ve worked on web development and learning hands on the latest social media technology, I’ve worked for the top Home and Garden Shows in the United States. Specializing in digital photography, social media content building, web development and social media strategy.
  • List of Works Below I have highlighted some of the fun projects I’ve been involved with other the years.
  • Hobbies and Interest – I have been growing year-round in Ohio since we built a greenhouse in 2008.   In 2015 we added a 20′ geodesic biodome on our small family farm in NW Ohio.   I have been networking about both these adventures online via blog post and social media.


Me : Proven WInners, P.Allen Smith, Lawn and Garden

Garden2Blog Reunion 2015

I’m a P.Allen Smith Garden2Blog : Garden Blogger!

NBGplantnerds at #VeggieTrials2015

One of the coolest blogger events I’ve ever attended was the NBGplantnerds at #VeggieTrials2015.  We had a great time on the West Coast touring amazing gardens put together by the Seed companies who provide seeds for the USA and most of the world!

 GardenChat Network

gardenchat_logoclipBy 2010 I had begun growing my own network on social media dedicated to connecting, sharing and growing with others on Twitter that has a global with audience impressions well over 100,000 during the hour presentation in a short four years.  You can read more about the #gardenchat network On this Website at GardenChat.

Let’s Connect

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