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Lacking space and struggling with keeping plants alive Australian technology and design firm Glowpear introduce a new Indiegogo campaign that features smart, self-watering planter that makes it easy to grow fresh organic produce in most any space of your home. I can’t wait for you to take a look at the video feature below and tell me what you think. Maybe this is the product that will help you finally grow your own food.

Tips for Growing Succulents in Containers Successfully

Succulents make eye-catching container choices because they are easy to grow and they can be found in almost any retail garden center. Today I am sharing my personal tips for growing succulents in containers successfully.

Tips for Growing Succulents In Containers

While planting succulents is pretty easy, today I want to share a few tips that will help keep plants healthy and happy.  Succulents are one of the few plants that always do well in containers full sun.  Below you will find tips on how to grow succulents in containers successfully.

  • Make sure the container you grow succulents in has proper drainage.  If succulents get too wet they will die.  To prevent this be sure your container can drain water rapidly.
  • Use a shallow container to be sure the succulent doesn’t get lost in the soil or potting medium.
  • Protect your container of succulents from all danger of frost. Some succulents do not like to go below 32*F. Almost all succulents will need to brought indoors away from frost and freezing dangers.  With a few lights and keeping the heat cozy succulents can do well indoors.
  • Succulent containers love a full sun windowsill or under lights indoors during winter months. Succulents will not do well away from the sun or the proper light.
  • Be creative with succulents by planting in garden pumice or other rock medium.

Bren’s Favorite Container Succulents

Desert Rose Kalanchoe

There are a few succulents I recommend that make excellent fillers. One of which is the Angelia Stonecrop pictured below.

sedum succulent
Angelia Stonecrop makes an excellent filler in most any full sun container

There are many different varieties on the market today making it super fun to add succulents to containers.  I recommend visiting your local garden center to see what they have in stock and ask questions before planting if you are new to succulent container gardening.

ENJOY …. and be sure to post lots of photos of your container on Twitter, Google, Facebook adding #gardenchat hashtag so we can all see!

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