Full Sun in Late Spring Window Box

One of my favorite Spring projects is putting together my window boxes on the back kitchen patio.  In this post I share my spring window box planting ideas that are easy to recreate and enjoy.

Window Box in Spring

Spring is finally here in my garden and I’m excited to get out and start planting some of my favorite flowers, herbs, and veggies in the home garden and landscape.  The temperatures in the forecast are kind of scaring me because I bet we will end up jumping from Winter right onto Summer here in Northwest Ohio.  One thing I can be sure will be safe are the window boxes we added to the kitchen patio garden last summer. Growing in window boxes actually helps protect most annuals from spring frost.

In today’s post I’m sharing the six window boxes I designed in this kitchen garden patio area.  I hope it will give you some ideas on what you can grow in containers in your home garden.

Dreaming of the Kitchen Patio Filled with Window Boxes

It was once just a dream… in early spring I would sit back on the step off the sunroom dreaming of the kitchen patio and garden I hoping to create in that muddy mess.

Spring Window Box Planting Ideas

I made this quick video while planting up my six large window box containers in Spring.  This is a really quick planting project that can be done in under 30 minutes if you have all the ingredients ready to go.   In the video, I share mixing up flowers, herbs and fruit using a simple potting soil mix.

Play Video

This video is on my YouTube Channel filled with other creative ideas.

Plants That Grow Well In Spring Window Boxes

A few of my favorite plants you can grow from seed to add to the Spring Window Boxes are listed below:

  • Pansies
  • Lettuce ( there are so many great varieties)
  • Kale
  • Parsley
  • Nasturtium (great for trailing out of the box)
  • Onion Chive

More Creative Spring Gardening Ideas

Be sure to check out my post featuring more spring gardening ideas.  I think you will love how easy it is to start your summer garden early.

Spring Hellebore Blooms

Hellebore in My Early Spring Garden

This post is to showcase the beautiful Hellebore ( “Christmas rose” and “Lenten rose”) plants that grow in my shade garden.  In this post you’ll find images and a short video featuring this dreamy spring garden. Hellebore Sleet Video Outside enjoying the beautiful blooms of the hellebore on the first day of April as it

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peach iris

Tall Peach Iris In My Home Garden

To be honest with you, I don’t remember having this variety of iris in my home garden.  This past week the tall peach bearded iris is blooming again. Tall Peach Iris in My Home Garden I am guessing I dug this up from my sister in laws house.   It is next to a beautiful blue

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Red Lady Hellebore

Red Lady Hellebore

One of the Lenten Rose plants added to my home garden was the Red Lady Hellebore.  In this post I share images and basic growing tips. Red Lady Hellebore There are many different varieties of hellebores available on the market today.   It has been exciting to see all the new colors locally.  Years ago when I

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Blooms of Pineberry | White Carolina Strawberry

White Carolina Strawberry Plants In My Home Garden Update

In this post I share a video update featuring the White Carolina Strawberry Plants.  These plants are growing happy after the first year in hardiness zone 5b.  Check out my video with tips on how I this plant is doing so well. White Carolina Strawberry Plants Update The video feature shows the plants growing happy

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Calico Kitty Getting a Drink

Dome Gardening Early April Update

In this post find my dome gardening early April Update. Scroll down for images featuring details. Find album of images and a fun vlog feature today. Dome Gardening Early April Update Watching the video you will get to experience a little of the magic of growing year-round.  It is amazing each time I go into

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Pink Single Bloom of Columbine Spring

Growing Columbine Flowers

One of the easiest plants to grow and enjoy in the spring is columbine.  In today’s post, I wanted to share with you a little garden just outside my sunroom that for many years I mostly enjoyed from the windows inside our home. How to Plant Columbine In the video below I share how I

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Look Close... Stinker!
Look Close.. STINKER!

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Let’s Connect

I hope you were able to get and do some fun planting in your home garden, patio, or a container on your deck! Celebrate Spring … share with me what you are excited most about this season in the comment section below.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  

Happy Spring,

Bren Haas


    1. In Michigan …. I would plant them in the weeks to come. If we are lucky the weather will stay warm and they will be rocking your garden by late May!

  1. Hi Bren,
    I’m enjoying the plant combos you’ve been talking about recently. I’m looking forward to planting a climbing rose with my clematis this year and trying strawberries in my railing planters. And I drool over your geodome. Please keep the ideas coming!
    Kim in Cleveland

    1. Great to connect with you Kim – thank you! Every Spring I feel like I’m in a race to beat summer because it always POPS up at us so quick (weather forecast). I will do my best to keep documenting a few of the daily projects I’m doing here in my home garden. Thank you so much again for stopping by – I appreciate the comment.

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