Planting Succulents in Recycled Containers

In this post, I share how I am keeping a few of my favorite succulents alive indoors until it is sunny and safe for them to go outside. Be sure to check out my video in this post titled: Planting Succulents in Recycled Containers.

Planting Succulents in Recycled Containers

I had a lot of fun putting together this quick video share. The plants are doing wonderful after a week in the window lifted up off of the soil as shown in the video. You are welcome to share with me what you think about this planting and any tips you have to share.

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A Few Extra Notes

Succulent dish in the window

I am using a recycled plastic container that doesn’t have holes in the bottom. I don’t want to water to drip out onto my furniture or windowsill in the house. You will want to get rocks to add to the planter. In the video, I mention using landscape rocks from the garden center or fish aquarium rocks.

Be sure to make sure that the container you use isn’t holding too much water.  Succulents do not need a lot of water during the winter season.  The roots of succulents do not like to be soaked in water at any time. I recommend a good cactus soil or use a potting soil that has plenty of perlite in it.

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In conclusion, I would like to invite you to comment on this post. I am excited to hear what you think about growing succulents. Share your story with me on my contact page.
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