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Mint Grown in Hydroponic Set Up

How to Grow A Mint Herb Plant Indoors

The mint herb is one of my favorites not only because it is packed with cooling flavor but because it is easy to grow.  In this post I share how I am growing a mint herb plant indoors during the late winter season.  How to Grow Mint Indoors Video In this video I am sharing

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shepherds Pie Recipe

Classic Shepherds Pie Recipe

This recipe isn’t one of the quick and easy versions that are out there. I’ve even served up a quick Shepherds Pie from the freezer department.  This recipe is made with real ground lamb and lots of herbs from my home garden.

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Fresh Cut Rosemary

Harvesting and Preparing Rosemary Tips

In this post I share harvesting and preparing rosemary tips.  You will love how easy it is to not only grow the plant but enjoy daily.  Join me in the dome and my kitchen in the video attached to this post. Harvesting and Preparing Rosemary Video In this video we had out to the dome

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lasagna dinner

Easy To Make Turkey Lasagna Recipe

In this post I share an easy way to create a somewhat healthy Lasagna using ground turkey.  You will find my secret to make a basic ground turkey into an Italian cuisine. Turkey Lasagna Recipe The best turkey lasagna from my personal notes featuring easy to find ingredients.  Packed with so many delicious layers including

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Turkey in Roasting Pan

How to Prepare A Tasty Turkey for Thanksgiving

It is tasty thanksgiving turkey time of year!  Let’s take a close look at how to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey along with herbs and other ingredients you can grow. Find my recipe and cooking facts in this post. How to Cook A Tasty Turkey Basics It’s my favorite time of year where we use fresh

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Onion, Chickpea, Kale and Chicken Soup Recipe

Onion, Chickpea, Kale and Chicken Soup

In this post I whip up a delicious Autumn harvest favorite using rotisserie chicken and herbs from the garden.  This is my easy to make onion chickpea kale chicken soup. You will find a few easy growing tips along with images below. Trust me… taste better than the photo turned out! Onion Chickpea Kale and

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Herb Growing in Container

Everything I Love About Growing And Harvesting Patchouli

In this post I share all about the herb patchouli. Not only is this plant a pretty one to grow in your home garden there are many things you can do with the harvest. About Patchouli https://youtu.be/j3Lcv85tfRk This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel on Youtube. The patchouli plant is a tropical plant

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Spring Blooms from Chive Plants

Planting Chive in Your Home Garden

It’s Never Too Late To Plant Chives One of the most beautiful sites in the garden each spring is chive in bloom.  In the past two years, I discovered online that you can use the flowers of the chive in salads.  I have a large section of chive growing in the back raised bed area

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Mix Nasturtium Herb

How to Grow and Take Care of Nasturtium

In this post I share what we did with a free seed packet my son brought home from Lowes after making a lumber purchase. Check out my How to grow nasturtium seeds from Lowes video and images. Nasturtium Seeds From Lowes Video In the video I show what the nasturtium seeds grow to look like. 

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Spring TIme to Replant

Planting Rosemary Tips

In this post I share my personal tips on how to plant rosemary.  Check out the video and the highlight gardening ideas below. How to Plant Rosemary in Container Video The rosemary herb just maybe one of my all time favorite herbs to grow.  It is fairly easy to enjoy year-round even in Ohio hardiness

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year-round kitchen indoor gardening set up

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update

In this post I share a quick indoor kitchen garden update.  You will see first hand how I have my gardening products set up in video.  Check out my latest tips and tricks for growing indoors successfully. Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update Video I had so much fun making this video!  It is super fun sharing

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