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How To Grow Asparagus Bare Root Plants

In this post, I’m sharing my vlog on growing asparagus from bare roots. Here are the Jersey Giant Asparagus bare root plants I discovered locally. Feel free to ask questions about this straightforward planting vlog.

How To Grow Jersey Giant Asparagus Bare Root Plants

I’m passionate about creating videos and sharing my personal growth tips with you. You’ll discover this in my vlog below. If you encounter any issues viewing the content, please contact me. The video provides guidance on selecting the finest asparagus package and preparing it for your garden. Enjoy!

The video is part of my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  

About Jersey Giant Asparagus

Jersey Giant asparagus has recently appeared in my local garden centers. An old gardening book mentioned that asparagus was first introduced to America by colonists in the 1600s. I recall my brother-in-law harvesting crops from a ditch near his home! In 1985, Jersey Giant asparagus became available for home growers. While all hybrid varieties are reliable, many gardeners favor Jersey Giant for its abundant yield of male plants and tender, flavorful spears. This variety is resistant to asparagus rust and fusarium rot, making it one of the most winter-hardy options. Its foliage, growing up to 5 feet tall, displays various shades of green. Jersey Giant asparagus, known for its large, delicious spears, can be enjoyed on its own as a vegetable or incorporated into more elaborate dishes.    The plant will grow in hardiness zones 3-10.

More Asparagus

Over the years I have grown a few different varieties of asparagus.  You will want to scroll through some of my post featured on my personal website.

I will be sharing more about the asparagus I am growing and the raised bed they are in soon.  Be sure to follow my adventures by bookmarking my site. 

I am excited to share with you how these grow so stay tuned!


Let’s Connect

I’m eager to learn about your vegetable garden. If you’re new to gardening and have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out by commenting on this post or through my contact page.

Happy Gardening

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