Strawberry Plant Growing Tips

strawberriesEveryone loves a juicy, sweet strawberry treat in early summer. In today’s post I share how strawberry plant growing tips I’ve learned over the years of growing them just about every way possible.  Everything from in the ground, containers, and year-round dome. 

My Strawberry Plants

My plants growing began about five years after we moved out to the country.  I grew the berries directly in the ground like the farmers do in my area.  I’ve later been introduced to different varieties that grow productively in containers.

This video found at: Strawberry Growing Tips on YouTube with Bren Haas

Strawberry Growing Tips 

  1. Add berries that grow well in your area.  Reach out to local growers and garden centers to see what they recommend.  I popular berry in NW Ohio is Jewel, June Berry, and Ozark.   I found information at the Ohio Extension Office site: Strawberries are an Excellent Fruit for the Home Garden
  2.  Use straw in between plants to keep weeds out and hold moisture.
  3. Be sure the berries are planted in full sun.
  4. KEEP UP with the weeds….. weed often so the berry plants can grow healthy and multiply


Here are a few of the products I recommend starting seeds easily.

  • Peat Pots :
  • Organic Seed Starting Soil:
  • Jiffy Seed Starting Trays:

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Let’s Connect

What do you think about growing your own Strawberries?  Have you given this a try in your home garden?  I hope you will consider commenting on my post to share any tips and tricks you may have about this topic.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Happy Strawberry Growing,

Bren Haas

7 thoughts on “Strawberry Plant Growing Tips”

  1. Fantastic tips! Especially the grow varieties that work best locally. Have had “white soul” alpine strawberries for a few years but they’ve never really given a great harvest. Probably should add a few better local cultivars to my garden!

    • Thanks for commenting Matt. I have grown white carolina strawberries mixed with and they do great mixed with red eversweet and they were amazing!

  2. Such a great idea. I often forget about containers for Strawberries and other summer berries. thank you.

    • Thank you for commenting. Happy to help and share more about the plants I have growing featured in this post. Watch for a follow up this week on how the bare-root plants are doing. I’ve got some in the 20′ geodesic dome growing and in containers off the back greenhouse shed.


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