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New Reblooming Hydrangea Garden

Welcome to my garden! I’m Bren Haas, and in today’s share, I’ll be presenting a new landscaping project that highlights reblooming Hydrangeas. Below you will find tips on growing your own hydrangeas with a unique video and images. I hope you scroll down and leave comments / feedback below.

This video is from my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  IF you are having any issues with this loading please reach out to me on my contact page or comment on this post with a working email address. 

About This Landscape Space

This area mostly receives morning to early afternoon sunlight during the summer. The soil where the hydrangeas are planted is primarily clay, so I’ve been gradually improving it with mulch and manure compost. In the first year, the main challenges I’ve faced include deer nibbling on my ‘North Pole’ arborvitae and signs of slugs on the lower leaves of some hydrangeas planted last fall.

Hydrangea Landscaping
New Hydrangea Addition

This part of the property primarily consists of clay. The addition of soil, mulch, and manure compost over the years has significantly improved it. The area doesn’t retain water or experience flooding, making it perfect for the selected shrubs and trees.

About The Hydrangeas

Each hydrangea at this location started as a 1-gallon container plant. The great advantage of these plants is their rapid growth rate during the growing season. I will detail each variety below, highlighting their unique characteristics and the excitement they bring to my hardiness zone 5b garden.

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea 

Garden Writer 2010 Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea
Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea BLoom in July

The first section north of my magnolia tree features vanilla strawberry hydrangeas that I acquired from a garden writer event in 2010. I relocated them about four years ago from an area that received late afternoon sun, where they seemed to be struggling. They are thriving in their new location, although the plant structure leads me to question whether they were labeled correctly.

I think the Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangeas I brought home from New Edition Plants were not labeled correctly mostly because the plant is thinner and much more delicate compared to the hydrangeas I bought in 2018.  Could it be the writer plant sample was a trial variety?!  The blooms are smaller but change color like the new varieties.  I relocated the shrubs because I thought they were struggling in their previous spot.  Even though they are less vibrant in appearance, I still adore these hydrangeas. 

Tuff Stuff Top Fun Reblooming Hydrangea

In Autumn 2023 I planted this TUFF STUFF Top FUN reblooming mountain Hydrangea. It is doing quite well in this area alongside a few other reblooming newbies! The bloom reminds me of one of my oldest hydrangeas (lace cap varieties) I have only the stem is sturdy. So inviting to pollinators and quite a lovely cut for florists. And these flowers just keep coming all summer long, first on old wood and later on new wood.

I have two of this variety in the landscape. The poor little Tuff Stuff Top Fun reblooming mountain hydrangea on the end close to the honey locus tree was ran over by a mower.  OOPS!  What tough little bloom taking on flowers on new wood growth.  This variety will grow to be about 2-3 feet tall and wide making it great for borders. 

Tuff Stuff Top Fun Reblooming Mountain Hydrangea
Tuff Stuff Top Fun Reblooming Mountain HYdrangea

Buy this plant for your home garden using my Amazon Affiliate link! 


Let’s Dance Loveable Reblooming Hydrangea

Let's Dance Loveable Reblooming Bigleaf Hydrangea
Let's Dance Loveable Reblooming Bigleaf Hydrangea

the Let’s Dance Lovable, a large-leaf reblooming variety. Anticipated to reach a maximum size of 3-4 feet in height and width, this hydrangea earned its name for its stunning beauty and reliability. Currently displaying vibrant pink blooms, they may shift to purple or blue based on the soil’s chemistry.

 Let’s Dance Sky View Hydrangea

This shrub has not bloomed yet in my garden.  It is still early in the season, and I am currently improving the soil conditions. I remain optimistic about seeing blooms soon. 

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Don’t miss The Companion Plants in this landscape featured below.

North Pole Aborvitea

I was so excited to to be able to grow 3 of the fairly new fast growing North Pole Arborvitaes.  The only issue I had with these is the deer nibbled on the trees in early spring.  I was able to put a deer repellant on it that has worked wonders.  Until the shrubs are a little larger, I will have to keep adding the repellent, but it will be worth it once the shrubs are a few years older.  I share more about my deer repellent on my blog so be sure to check out that content. 

This shrub is expected to reach a maximum height of 10 feet and a width of 3-5 feet. I am eager to witness how they will flourish with the hydrangeas in this garden.

Find this North Pole Arborvitae Shurb by Proven Winners on the Amazon Store.  The plant is shipped to your home within a week or less.  


Great Perennial Additions

Newly Planted Landscape
Hosta and Arborvitae

 At the same spot, I have two more North Pole Arborvitaes along with a couple of blue (waterslide) hostas. Once everything is established this garden will be vibrant, fun, and easy to maintain. Over the upcoming months, I will water the plants and monitor leaf growth to determine any soil additions needed. I am anticipating this area to be as full and productive as just around the corner featuring the pink Japanese Anemone those gorgeous Golden Amber Arborvitaes I planted not so long ago.

Let’s Connect

I hope my blog post about the interesting plants and trees I’m cultivating in my home garden serves as an inspiration. Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment in the designated area below. I would be delighted to provide further details via email upon request..  

Happy Reblooming Hydrangea Growing,

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