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Hellebore in My Early Spring Garden

This post is to showcase the beautiful Hellebore ( “Christmas rose” and “Lenten rose”) plants that grow in my shade garden.  In this post you’ll find images and a short video featuring this dreamy spring garden.

Hellebore Sleet Video

Outside enjoying the beautiful blooms of the hellebore on the first day of April as it starts to sleet.  What a perfect example of how amazing these new varieties really are for cooler hardiness zones.  These plants and their blooms can take a beating in the late winter to early spring.

This is a SHORTS video from my YouTube Channel.

NOTE: the cats have always enjoyed walking with me in the garden.  I have never had a problem with any of our pets eating the plants. I will suggest if you have an indoor cat or dog that enjoys chewing live plants you may not want to have a hellebore.  The plant (as many other) can be toxic for pets. 

Hellebore Growing Tips

Leaves for Mulch

The varieties I have in my garden are rated for hardiness zone 4,5,6,7,8,9.  This perennial can take about 4 hours of direct sun during the morning and late evening summer.  I recommend growing these in a mostly shade area in your garden.  You will notice in the photos that mine are mixed in with other shade perennials such as Hosta and polka dot.  Hellebore does great tucked in under my Magnolia, variegated birch tree and burning bush shrub. The shrubs and trees provide protection from hot summer sun.   Soil that stays a little cool and moist most of the year is where my collection is growing successfully.

Deer and rabbit resist so this perennial is ideal for woodland spaces.

Under the Magnolia Tree
hyacinth, hellebores growing under magnolia tree

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