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Curly Spider Plant named Bonnie

Curly Spider Plant Chlorophytum Bonnie

Not only is this a compact houseplant it is perfect for most any home. The curly spider plant or Chlorophytum Bonnie is by far one of my favorite plants to enjoy year-round.  Check out fun growing tips and more from my personal experience.

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zucchini bread with coffee treat

Zucchini Bread Recipe

Each summer season it is guaranteed we will have at least zucchini that are left on the plant to grow HUGE! In today’s post, I share a few growing tips and my Garden Fresh and Easy to Make Zucchini Bread Recipe. Zucchini Bread Recipe This recipe has been in my family since my kids were little. 

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Dome in July 2022

Creative VLOG in My Dome Greenhouse

Growing year-round can be exciting no matter what hardiness zone you live in.  In this post I share the humid fun growing in the 20 foot geodesic dome.  This is my July Gardening in the Dome Update. July VLOG From The Dome Video Hard to believe it was super fun in a 90*f with high

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Cactus in the Winter Window

How To Grow a Cactus Indoors

One of my favorite things to grow in Ohio is cactus.  I  have many different varieties I’ve been enjoying for years so it is always fun to find a new one at the garden center. In this post I share how I to grow a cactus indoors. How to Grow A Cactus Indoors I really

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Bren's Spin on Green Bean Caserole

Bren’s Spin on Green Bean Casserole

At the top of my shopping list for Thanksgiving are ingredients for green bean casserole. Have you ever thought out of the box and got creative with your green bean casserole? In this post, I share the original recipe and a few alternatives to spice up a traditional favorite. Green Bean Casserole Recipe Gotta love the fried

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Pollinators Loving the Sunflower Blooms

Sunflower Field In Ohio

In this post find my video and images featuring The Sunflower Field in Ohio. Please note that this field of sunflowers is for looks and not open to the public.  Scroll down to find information on other Ohio fields that welcome the public. Sunflower Field in Ohio Video Our warm sunshine days are coming to

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Cooper's Hawk in the Oak Tree

Cooper’s Hawk In My Backyard

What a surprise to find this amazing bird family only feet from my front door.  The birds have returned to a nest that was up in the oak tree.  Judging by their appearance I am very sure they are Cooper’s Hawk.  Check out the video and images in this post and you decide. Cooper’s Hawk

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Hardwood VS. Laminate

Both hardwood and laminate flooring have their pros and cons.  In this post, I share my experience with both of these home improvement alternatives. Hardwood VS. Laminate That is the question when it comes to most high traffic locations of a home.  The flooring you pick is literally the foundation of your home.  This is

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Simple Chili Recipe

Simple and Super Tasty Chili Recipe

Chili recipes are one of those comfort foods I can’t live without.  In today’s post be inspired to create a simple and super tasty chili recipe for your family to enjoy. If you are a fan of my site you know I am a big chili maker almost year-round. Instant Pot Options with Simple and

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Grow your own tomatoes

Grow Your Own Food In Modern Victory Garden Bag

We are super lucky today and all the modern luxuries we have in the garden. In this post I share my tips on growing your own food in a modern victory Garden. Grow Your Own Food The Corona Virus has got a lot of people really thinking about where their food comes from.  Not to

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The Most Flexible Tripod for v-logging Review

In this post, I share the portable and extremely flexible tripod that can be used with a phone, camera or Go Pro.  The Set featured on Amazon also comes with attachments for your favorite vlogging devices and a remote. Portable Flexible Cell Phone Camera Tripod with Wireless Remote Review In this video, I share why

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