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Etsy Purchase Water Plant Review

In this post, I discuss my experience with the Etsy Meadow Road Nursery Shop. Watch the video showcasing the healthy aquatic plants I received amidst a Midwest heat wave.

Etsy Purchase Water Plant Review Video

Ordering plants online is always a gamble unless you’re dealing with a trusted seller. I stumbled upon ‘Meadow Road Nursery’ on Etsy, which was featured in this blog post. My decision to purchase was influenced by the price, reviews, and shipping costs. Watch my video to see my experience with buying these aquatic plants for my dome pond.

This video is embedded from my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  Feel free to share this with your friends and be sure to subscribe if you are a YouTube subscriber.

About The Plants

Water Lettuce and Locus Plants
Etsy Water Plant Purchase

The plants I purchased so far are below: 

  • Water hyacinth 
  • Water Lettuce

I have successfully cultivated both of these varieties in my dome previously. They are among the simplest aquatic plants to nurture. As the hyacinth flowers, I plan to share additional images and videos.

Last winter, I attempted to overwinter water lettuce for the second time without success. You can read about this experience on my blog at Water Lettuce Update

It is absolutely beneficial to have healthy plants in your small koi pond.  These two plants are wonderful for beginners to experiment with growing plants in water. 

Etsy Store Shout Out

I am not affiliated with the Meadow Road Nursery out of NC on Etsy.  The content I shared here is to help others find plants that I appreciate.  Be sure to send me a message on my contact page or leave a comment on this post for more information.  I appreciate your feedback and support.  If you visit Etsy and search Meadow Road Nursery you will find my rating and review of these plants as well.   

My order was places on June 21 and arrived early June 25 USPS free shipping from the Etsy seller. 

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Thank you for checking out my blog post today.  I hope you consider bookmarking my website to follow my creative living with plenty of growing adventures.  

Happy Pond Growing,

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