Small Space New Autumn Garden Planting Ideas

Who doesn’t love Autumn color?  This is the time of year where trees, shrubs and perennials take main stage in the landscape.  In this post I share small space new Autumn garden planting ideas.  I recently tore out and old over grown garden and added winning varieties you are going to love.

Sunrise with Autumn Color Planting Idea – V-log

Beautiful morning in the garden just outside the mudroom door.  I share my newly planted shrubs with spectacular color.

This video can be found on YouTube at :

Small Space Varieties

Little Devil

The first plant new to this garden space is the ‘Little Devil’ (Physucarpus Apulifolium ‘Donna May’ ) shrub.  The color is perfect and size is just right for walkway garden landscape. This variety grows 3-4′ H x 3-4′ W.  Easy to prune back most anytime of the year.

Little Princess Spirea

Spirea has been a long time favorite in my gardening career.  It is easy to take care of, provides great color and the pollinators love the blooms. #win  This is the ‘Little Princess Spirea’ (Spiraea Japonica ) that grows 18″x 24″ and loves full sun.

PJM Rhododendron

This shrub had no tag but was marked 75% off.  I can’t wait to see how this PJM rhododendron preforms in my garden tucked in the corner facing south near the mudroom.  I’m really EXCITED to have this in my collection so I hope it survives.

Mud Room Landscape Autumn Color

Below is the collection of plants from the morning video blog.  These plants are in the newly planted mud room facing south garden well protected by my home.

Red Carpet Rose in Autumn

Red carpet Rose in Autumn Landscape

This Red Carpet Rose is a win in any landscape.  Easy to care for and blooming until it snows in my garden since I added it in 2006.  The Iceberg Rose Climber is just behind the Red Rose and a ground cover (Leadwort / Plumbago ) trails below making this my ‘Red, White and Blue Garden’.  

Daylily in Autumn

Daylilies that were cut back a month ago during the landscape redo.


Sedum is always a win in the landscape.


Beautiful rudebeckia from local garden center.

I couldn’t believe the price of this Rudebeckia that was mixed in with Autumn mums at local garden center. I bought 3 for $16. I’m hoping they live up to their reputation and reseed in this same location for next Autumn.

Gourd Dipsplay

Container Design with Gourds

Not sure what hanging plant will do in Autumn on your porch… just add some gourds for color.  These will stay hanging on display until after Thanksgiving when I add my pine cuttings for winter.

More Sunrise Autumn Color

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you so please comment below on this post.  Share with me what shrubs you enjoy seeing during the Autumn season.

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