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Landscape Outside Front Door

In My Morning Landscape

In this post I share a Morning Landscape featuring plants I highly recommend.  You will see a short video and details on these plants.  Scroll down to find out more about growing in your hardiness zone.

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Japanese Anemone Pink Bloom

Japanese Anemone Windflower

In this post I share the pollinator friendly and super easy to grow Japanese Anemone.   You will find a video, images and of course my thoughts on this perennial. Japanese Anemone Windflower Video The video on this post and image share are long anticipated. I am finally taking this off my list to write about

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Tutsan Hypericum in My June Landscape

Tutsan Hypericum Androsaemum Review

In this post I share my Tutsan (Hypericum Androsaemum) in a personal review.  You’ll find video and images in this post sharing my personal experience with the plant. Tutsan Hypericum Androsaemum In My Landscape I’ll be honest, at first I really didn’t know what this plant was the 2nd year in my landscape.  I had

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First to Bloom in the Landscape

Spring Blooming Golden Yellow Giant Crocus

In this post find a short video and images featuring the Golden Yellow Giant Crocus growing in my home landscape.  Enjoy a short welcome to spring with growing tips because this is the plant to grow in your garden landscape. Golden Yellow Giant Crocus Video Perhaps one of the easiest and most rewarding plants you

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Last of the Berries on the Candymint Crabapple Tree

Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape

I just put together a video featuring the last of the Autumn color in my landscape.  This features my shade garden, shrubs, and many trees that I recommend.  Be sure to check out the highlights in this blog post. Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape The video features the best of color

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red sneezeweed in late summer blooming

Sneezeweed Mariachi Ranchera Helenium Perennial

In this post, I share the Sneezeweed Mariachi Ranchera Helenium Perennial.  The plant that is wonderful for all home gardens and I list all the reasons why I recommend it! Sneezeweed Mariachi Ranchera Helenium Perennial In the video featured on this post, I share how I couldn’t remember the name of the plant.  In fact,

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The Lilac Box

Lilacs In A Box On My Latest Vlog

I don’t think I would have ever imagined I’d own a few lilacs I purchased in a box.  In today’s post I share with you the Late Mauve Lilac shrubs in my home garden. Lilacs In A Box I guess Lilacs in a Box can be kind of misleading – but they really were in

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June Garden Walk VLOG

Early June in Northwest Ohio Garden Walk

Breath… and just take it all in!  Nature is a wonderful place to clear your mind and be inspired.  In this post, I share an early June in Northwest Ohio Garden Walk.  In addition to the vlog feature you will see up-close images of my favorite shrubs and plants.

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New Darwin Perennial Plants for 2019

Trialing New Plants by Darwin Perennials

One of the coolest things about being an influencer in the garden world is that I get to try new plants in my garden.  Some of these plants have yet to arrive in garden centers for the consumer.  In this post, I share trialing new plants by Darwin Perennials. Flowers and Plants by Darwin Perennials

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Plant Exchange at Wood Country Fair Grounds

Wood County Plant Exchange

Have you ever attended a plant swap? In today’s post I share all the exciting things that took place at my first every plant exchange in Ohio.  Be sure to check out the video and my personal tips based on my experience at this event.  I can’t wait to attend another Wood County Plant Exchange.

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Autumn Color

Small Space New Autumn Garden Planting Ideas

Who doesn’t love Autumn color?  This is the time of year where trees, shrubs, and perennials take the main stage in the landscape.  In this post I share small space new Autumn garden planting ideas.  I recently tore out an old overgrown garden and added winning varieties you are going to love. Sunrise In Small

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gate into public gardens

A Quick Walk About at Lyndale Gardens in Minnesota

In this post, I share a quick video featuring a walkabout Lyndale Gardens in Minnesota.  Check out the photos in this post and consider visiting this public garden. Lyndale Gardens About With Gardener Andrew Lyndale Park is a Minneapolis city park on the northeast side of Lake Harriet. Next to Lakewood Cemetery, southeast is where

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