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Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden

Check out my tips and tricks on Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden. I share a few of my favorite varieties along with how to start your own seeds.

Growing Basil Year-Round Planting Tips

In the video below I share how the basil plant is thriving in a self-watering container with LED lights.

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I love sharing creative videos featuring things I grow with tips and tricks usually included.  Find more of my videos on my Bren Haas Channel features on YouTube.

Highlights of Growing Basil Year-Round

Healthy leaves

Basil is super simple to grow year-round no matter what hardiness zone you live in.  It’s important to remember basil needs the right conditions to grow successfully. Surprisingly, the best basil I ever tasted was from my home garden and grown from seed.  The seed had fallen from the flowers of a basil plant I purchased at a local garden center.  All of a sudden I had little baby basil plants sprouting up in the garden. This will only happen with most heirloom varieties. Without delay let’s jump right into how to grow healthy basil. Below are some basic growing basil tips that will have you harvesting in no time.

  • Avoid introducing disease by harvesting and pruning off dead leaves from the basil plant.
  • Don’t crowd plants … the basil does great in its own container or in a raised bed with plenty of space to grow. 
Harvest Basil Often
  • Harvest the basil as soon as the leaves become full.  Doing so will encourage new growth.
  • Be sure the plant’s soil has proper drainage.  Herbs like basil do not like to be too wet.
Container Under Lights


  • When growing indoors be sure the plant gets at least 8 hours of light via LED grow lights.
  • Outside growing in hot summer conditions I recommend growing in containers you can move to shade so the plant can rest from extreme heat.  This will encourage new growth.
Deadheading the Basil
  • Pinch off new growth to encourage the plant to grow fuller.  Some varieties such as Pesto Party Basil and Globe Basil do this on their own.
  • The basil plants growing indoors enjoy temperatures above 65*F.  Cooler temps will encourage the plant to go dormant and stop producing.

Growing Basil Indoors

In the photos below I show my basil I have growing in the AeroGarden and using the light.  I hope to share more from the Aero Garden Product in the days to come.  This product has been set up on my kitchen counter for about 3 weeks.

after 2 weeks basil

The basil plants I bought at the grocery store and repotted in a self-watering container are doing amazing next to the Aerogarden set up.  Read my post about that self-watering container on my website.  Both these products are great for growing basil year-round.

Microgreen Basil

I recently purchased some microgreen basil varieties I hope to share with you soon on my site.  Be sure to follow me and subscribe to my Newsletter for updates.

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Let’s Connect

I would love to hear if you grow basil indoors or out in your garden.  Be sure to comment on my website to share your story.

Happy Basil Growing,

Bren Haas


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