Setting up and Growing in A Lechuza Self-Watering Container

In this post, I share how to growing herbs from the grocery store and garden centers indoors successfully.  I will showcase a video on how to plant them up along with harvesting tips.

Grow Herbs From The Grocery Store

herbs from the store

In this video, I share a few herbs I brought home from the grocery store and how I will grow them indoors. Note the image above:  I try to keep the herbs in a cool location with water trays on the bottom to provide the same growing conditions they have at the market.   Please check ou the video below to see what I will do with these beautiful edible plants.

In this video I feature the Lechuza / Delta 10 self-watering garden planter white

I hope you enjoy the video feature on this site.  Please be sure to scroll down on this post to see additional growing tips including ideal herb plants for indoor gardening. If you are on YouTube please consider subscribing to my channel to show your support.

Highlights from the Grow Herbs From Grocery Store Video

In the video feature, there is mention of the Lechuza products. The Lechuza pon is basically four ingredients: pumice, zeolites, lava rock, and fertilizer.  From my experience, not all plants do well in this mix.  If you don’t want to pay the top dollar for this brand mix you can make up your own.  The ingredients mentioned here can be found on Amazon and at most garden centers.  From what I have learned growing indoors this is not necessary.  It is more important to me to grow the RIGHT PLANTS indoors.

The Lechuza Planter in the video I highly recommend.  It not only is attractive and goes well in almost any room of your home it is well made.  The company Lechuza makes many beautiful containers for indoor and outdoor gardening.  Find this on my amazon store at this link. 

Someone sent a message inquiring about using this product outdoors in California.  You can use this self-watering system in any area where you can COMPLETE CONTROL  the water being allowed into the container.  If you have the product outside and there is a downpour of rain it kind of defeats the entire idea of self-watering.  IF you have a question about this please feel free to comment on this post or reach out to me on my site.

Tips on Growing Herbs From The Grocery Store

Perhaps the best advice I can give you from what I have learned over the years is to not expect everything to grow indoors.  Just because a plant is in the houseplant or potted herbs area doesn’t mean it will grow in the conditions you have in your home.   Below are a few plants I recommend that are usually a NO FAIL when it comes to growing indoors.

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Mint

Once again, it totally depends on the growing conditions you create in your home that will allow the herbs to grow well.

Harvesting Indoors


harvesting herbs indoors

Encourage the edible plants to grow by harvesting them!  If you aren’t using the harvest the plant will slow down production.  New growth will be encouraged after harvesting.  If you don’t plan on eating the herb you can dry it for later or share it with a friend.

Here are some other fun post on my site about growing herbs:

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In conclusion of reading this post, I hope I’ve inspired you to grow your own herbs indoors.  The best way to learn to garden is to just do it!

Happy Gardening Indoors,

Bren Haas

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