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germn chamomile in my Raised Bed

Growing A German Chamomile Herb Plant

This is an exciting post for me because it is the first time I have grown German Chamomile herb plant.  In this post I share a few tips and tricks to growing this herb successfully.  Be sure to check out the photos and a videos below. Growing A German Chamomile Herb Plant Video It is

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Mint Grown in Hydroponic Set Up

How to Grow A Mint Herb Plant Indoors

The mint herb is one of my favorites not only because it is packed with cooling flavor but because it is easy to grow.  In this post I share how I am growing a mint herb plant indoors during the late winter season.  How to Grow Mint Indoors Video In this video I am sharing

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Fresh Cut Rosemary

Harvesting and Preparing Rosemary Tips

In this post I share harvesting and preparing rosemary tips.  You will love how easy it is to not only grow the plant but enjoy daily.  Join me in the dome and my kitchen in the video attached to this post. Harvesting and Preparing Rosemary Video In this video we had out to the dome

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Herb Growing in Container

Everything I Love About Growing And Harvesting Patchouli

In this post I share all about the herb patchouli. Not only is this plant a pretty one to grow in your home garden there are many things you can do with the harvest. About Patchouli https://youtu.be/j3Lcv85tfRk This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel on Youtube. The patchouli plant is a tropical plant

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Spring TIme to Replant

Planting Rosemary Tips

In this post I share my personal tips on how to plant rosemary.  Check out the video and the highlight gardening ideas below. How to Plant Rosemary in Container Video The rosemary herb just maybe one of my all time favorite herbs to grow.  It is fairly easy to enjoy year-round even in Ohio hardiness

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year-round kitchen indoor gardening set up

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update

In this post I share a quick indoor kitchen garden update.  You will see first hand how I have my gardening products set up in video.  Check out my latest tips and tricks for growing indoors successfully. Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update Video I had so much fun making this video!  It is super fun sharing

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Container Under Lights

Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden

Check out my tips and tricks on Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden. I share a few of my favorite varieties along with how to start your own seeds. Growing Basil Year-Round Planting Tips In the video below I share how the basil plant is thriving in a self-watering container with LED lights. I

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harvesting herbs indoors

Setting up and Growing in A Lechuza Self-Watering Container

In this post, I share how to growing herbs from the grocery store and garden centers indoors successfully.  I will showcase a video on how to plant them up along with harvesting tips. Grow Herbs From The Grocery Store In this video, I share a few herbs I brought home from the grocery store and

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growing red perilla in home garden

Green and Red Shiso Perilla Growing Tips and Tea Recipe

In this post, I will share with you a new favorite in my garden called Red Shiso Perilla.  A dear friend of mine was kind enough to share seeds with me and I’ve been enjoying them ever since.  I hope to save some seeds for a winter harvest after trying the Yummy tea recipe featured

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coneflowers in the garden

Life Changing Herbs You Can Grow In Your Home & Garden

Over the years I’ve become to love more herbs in my home landscape.  Most of the plants I had no idea were even herbs.  Dandelions and Nasturtium are herbs?  It’s True!  In this post, I will share with you life-changing herbs you can grow. Life-Changing Herbs You Can Grow Some of the herbs I am going

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joe pye weed

Think Weed with Joe Pye In Your Garden

This is the first year in my landscape located behind the garage that the Joe Pye weed is larger than my Oakleaf hydrangea.  At first, I was totally bummed that my beloved hydrangea had to be cut all the way back to the ground after the hard winter. Once the Herbaceous perennial ( Joe Pye

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