Hardiness Zone Gardening : Why Should You Care

If you have ever had the opportunity to relocated to a different part of the country you understand why it is important to know the weather conditions.   Being aware of a hardiness zone when it comes to growing successfully is a similar situation.  In this post, I share why you should care about hardiness zones.

Feeling a little rebellious growing year-round in Ohio may leave you wondering why in the world do I care about cold hardiness zones? Growing plants that will not thrive much less survive that made me realize hardiness zones are important.  The hardiness zone maps are divided into regions based on the average annual minimum temperature for that area.  It is important to know what hardiness zone you garden in because all plants thrive in different environments and it is important to ensure successful growing by adding the right plants for the region.  Using the resources below have helped me grow success indoors and outside.

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