In this post, I share images of my Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus ) blooming in my home and dome garden.  You will find images and tips on how I personally grow these scented treasures.

Paperwhites In Bloom

living room decor with forced bulbs

Many of the flowers that are blooming are for photography.  Here are a few of my most recent images of the Paperwhites in bloom.  In the photo above you will see the flowers I have growing in just a little dusting of soil covered with Spanish moss.  These bulbs are sprouting before I put them in this shallow container in the great room of my home.

paperwhites blooming

I recommend only growing 2-4 bulbs at a time because when they bloom the fragrant can be strong in large groupings.

How to Force Paperwhite Bloom Indoors

bulbs forced indoors

The plant doesn’t need to be in cool conditions in order to get them to bloom. While paperwhite bulbs can be planted in soil, more commonly they are grown in pots or dishes of water with some stones or marbles to anchor them in place.  I recently read that sometimes it can take up to 3 years for the plant to bloom again in zone 8-10.  I will keep you posted on my website if mine rebloom.  Currently, I am in year 2 with most of the bulbs in my dome garden.

The paperwhites are a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean regions of the world.  In my garden, I grow the bulbs indoors.  Paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) look amazing in a natural setting in the landscape.  My garden is in hardiness zone 5b Ohio.

Most of the Paperwhites I grow are from shopping online during the Autumn season. In the section below check out how I force the bulb each year. It really is super easy and if you put them in the right conditions they will just bloom on their own with little or no soil.  In the past, I have never had a paperwhite rebloom in the dome garden.

If you are looking for information about this plant I recommend that you search in your favorite browser: Paperwhites Extension Office.  This search should pull up all the university sites that share details on the research they have done about this plant.

More Spring Bulbs On My Site

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I just had to share how cute Oliver is looking outside at the snow. We can’t wait until Spring ( or a run out to the dome garden!) 

Let’s Connect

I would love to hear if you grow paperwhites in your home or garden. Is there another bulb that you enjoy forcing indoors to enjoy during the winter months?  Be sure to reach out to me on my website.

Happy Paperwhite Growing,

Bren Haas

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