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How To Make an Herb Tower Garden

In this post, I discuss assembling an economical tower garden with herbs from my hydroponic system. You’ll discover tips and tricks for setting up one in your home’s summer garden. For a video and more information, please follow the provided link.

How To Make An Herb Tower Garden

Setting up the container I discovered at Aldi a few years back was such an enjoyable experience. I find myself wishing I had purchased several of these container kits. The base is a sturdy plant roller that I picked up from Menards for around $19. The herbs used in this project all come from my hydroponic setup. With the busy outdoor season, I prefer to transfer the herbs outside for convenient access during grilling.  Check out my video below featuring just how easy it was to put this simple tower garden together. 

The video is available on the Bren Haas YouTube Channel. Should you encounter any viewing problems, please inform me. My website is also a reliable point of contact.

Highlights From The Tower Garden

There are numerous reasons why vertical growing is one of my preferred methods. It offers an abundance of options for cultivating various plants in limited spaces. The setup is incredibly affordable and versatile for growing many of your favorite plants. Although this kit includes a self-watering feature, I opt to remove the components that facilitate this for outdoor cultivation.

Similar container setups are available on Amazon (this is my Amazon Affiliate Link) for those interested in assembling one themselves. You might find these $12 kits at your local Aldi store but be aware that they tend to sell out quickly!

The herb collection showcased includes:

– Bonsai Basil
– Boutique Dill
– Red Opal Basil
– Evergreen Basil
– Oregano
– Banana Mint
– Cilantro
– Party Pesto Basil

I highly recommend all of the herbs featured in this video and blog post.  Stay tuned for more growing adventures from my Ohio garden.


Let’s Connect

Thank you for viewing my video and images of this delightful herb tower garden. I would be grateful for any feedback you might have. Your time spent exploring my unique content is much appreciated, and I sincerely hope it inspires you to cultivate your own garden.

Happy Gardening,

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4 Responses

  1. Beautiful and convenient to the kitchen. Good job!

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I miss the old days when everyone would take the time to share their garden stories on their personal blog. Your comment means the world to me. I hope you are doing well and growing lots of roses in the northwest! Happy ALMOST Summer friend.

  2. That’s so lovely, I’ve never heard of red opal basil. I do have room in the garden, but it’s not close to the kitchen. I’m picturing one on the deck now!

    1. The red opal taste like a mild sweet basil. I am really enjoying it and still can’t believe how easy to grow from seed.

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