Picking the Perfect Dahlias For a Cut Flower Garden

aitara diadem dahlia

In this post, I share 7 dahlias that are perfect for your cut garden.  I fell in love with this variety on a garden tour to Dahlia Hill public garden in Michigan.  You will love these images and a video so check it out! Be sure to note that at the location where I took these photos the public is not allowed to cut or pick the flowers.

The Perfect Dahlia for Cut Flower Gardening Podcast

Here is the first of my podcast series 21.  I hope you check it out and bookmark my show on your favorite player so you don’t miss a show.  


This is presentation 21:1 – the first of my new Creative Living with Bren Haas Podcast Series for 2021.  Find out more on my website!

Dahlias That Are Perfect For Cut Flower Gardens

After editing a post I did featuring the beautiful public garden in Midland Michigan called Dahlia Hill I had to share more.  Picking only a few that really stood out mostly because they are the perfect shape for bouquets.  Check out this quick (or shorts) video I put together over on YouTube. I think you will like it and maybe be on the lookout for some new dahlias for your home garden as well.

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Dahlias Highlight For Cut Flower Garden

Below I’ve added images of each of the dahlias that really stood out.  I hope you will take a closer look and be sure to tell me what you think.

Apple Blossom Dahlia

This one has got to be my favorite from the display garden.  The branches on this dahlia is perfect for cut flowers used for bouquets.  I am on the lookout for the Apple Blossom Dahlia.

apple blossom dahlia

7 Dahlias From The Dahlia Hill Public Garden

My last and only visit to The Dahlia Hill Garden was in 2014.  I have bookmarked on my calendar to make a trip up to see what is new in 2021.  These Dahlias  I have shared here are super hard to find for sale.  If you have information on where to find any of these please be sure to comment on my post.

More Dahlias On My Site

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I am on the lookout for a few of these varieties.  Stay tuned by subscribing to my Newsletter where I hope to share where I find the dahlia.  You will see images of the blooms as they arrive in my home Dahlia Cut Flower Garden here in Ohio.  Thank you for checking out my post today.  Be sure to check out more of my dahlia post on my site.

Happy Dahlia Gardening,

Bren Haas

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