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Stevia in March

Stevia Hydroponics Update

You can imagine my surprise to see all 4 of the pods where I started a few stevia seeds showing signs of life.  That is right… the variety that never germinates for me finally has!  Find out more about the Stevia in Hydroponics update in the video here!

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zephrine drouhin rose year 4

Zephrine Drouhin Climbing Rose Year 4

Even though it has been a very dry spring the roses in my home garden are putting on a show. One of my favorite climbing roses is this Zephrine Drougin Rose that appears to be taking on a life of its own.   In this post I share a video and images of how this beautiful bloomer is doing year 4. 

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Sunshine Dahlia Variety in Home Garden

New Dahlias for 2021

Dahlia Varities Mixed in Autumn Harvest In this post I share a quick video featuring the new dahlias I am adding to my collection.   You

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