A Visit to Dahlia Hill in Midland, Michigan

In today’s post, I share a little about the amazing summer garden that changed the way I grow flowers. First of all, I couldn’t get over how many varieties of one plant in one location. Above all, I hope you enjoy A Visit to Dahlia Hill in Midland, Michigan. This is truly where I fell in love with the amazing Dahlia Plant.

About Dahlia Hill

entrance sign to park

Dahlia Hill in Midland Michigan is a Public Garden.  Another reason to visit the garden is that it is created by local volunteers. Coincidently, this location includes eight terraces planted yearly and it seems like maybe over 3,000 dahlias. This location is free for the public to tour therefore you must consider enjoying it year-round.  Garden sculptures are viewable year-round even though the dahlias typically bloom mid to late summer.  Artist Charles Breed who unfortunately passed away in June 2018  has a working studio and museum on location.

Video Slide How Of Dahlia Hill In Bloom

Below is a video featuring some of the many images I took at the Dahlia Hill Public Garden the day I visited in late August.  I hope you enjoy the presentation.  I will share the names of the dahlias in a later post.

Play Video

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Visit the Garden

walkway at the public garden

Below you can click over to Google Maps for driving directions.  I highly recommend allowing a full day to enjoy each dahlia variety and the sculptures featured in this garden.

Dahlia Hill in Midland Michigan ( Public Garden) 2809 Orchard Drive Midland, MI

Photos From Dahlia Hill

There is absolutely NO WAY anyone could drive through Midland Michigan and not see or STOP at this amazing sight. Because the flowers were simply amazing, Below are some of my favorite images from the garden.  Fortunately, I got to visit this garden during the 13th annual Michigan Landscape Association Tour in 2015.

Favorites From Dahlia Hill

Is it possible to just pick a few that are your personal favorites?  Due to the fact that I love them all, I’ll have to randomly pick a few of the photos that stood out during this visit.

sculpture at The Dahlia Hill

Sculptures by Charles’ art is permanently displayed at Equiline Museum, adjacent to Dahlia Hill.

apple blossom dahlia

This Dahlia is one I grow and just maybe my favorite because it is PINK! I hope to find one to add to my garden so stay tuned for photos from my Dahlia Gardens in Ohio. 

Dahlia Hill Garden Website:  https://www.dahliahill.org/

More Garden Tours on My Site

sculptures in the park

Let’s Connect

First of all, Are you a dahlia fan?  Connect with me likewise with any questions about dahlias or share your story about dahlia hill. Furthermore, you are welcome to leave a detailed message on my contact page featured on this website hence I will return with a message.

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