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I’ve got exciting news… I am starting a new series of podcasting.  Stay tuned for new shows featuring all the creativity you love on my site.  The best way to get updates is to follow me on social media @brenhaas (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) where I will share the latest and of course on my Creative Living with Bren Haas Newsletter.

The Show

Podcast 2019

How to Listen

You can find my show on your favorite podcast players… if you don’t see yours below contact me.

Let’s Connect

Got a topic you’d like to submit or interested in being on the show? I’d love to connect with you so please comment below or click over to my contact page. 



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  1. So great to connect!! Can’t wait to listen to your podcasts!! You were my angel today!! Deep bow!! Looking forward to connecting!!😉🙏💜⭐️

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