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dahlia and gomphrena

Dahlia and Gomphrena Flowers

Two of my favorite flowers to grow in my home garden are the dahlia and Gomphrena.  From the Summer home garden images I put together the video below.  I hope you enjoy the unique images of how these flowers grow together.

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Cheap Seed Starting Project

Cheap Seed Starting

In this post I share a short vlog (video) featuring my first ever dahlia seed starting indoors.  You will see a video with how to start cheap seeds easily indoors.  Scroll down to find more tips on my blog post today.

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Sunshine Dahlia Variety in Home Garden

New Dahlias for 2021

Dahlia Varities Mixed in Autumn Harvest In this post I share a quick video featuring the new dahlias I am adding to my collection.   You

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