How to Plant and Store Bare Root Strawberry Plants

In today’s post, I share a video featuring new bare root strawberry plants.  I share how to store and plant these amazing fruit treats to grow in almost any home garden. You can grow bare root strawberries in the ground, containers and year-round dome. 

Planting and Storing Bare Root Strawberry Video

I am super excited to be growing 2 well-known varieties of strawberries in my raised container in the dome.  In the video featured here, I share how they are stored and how to plant.  Be sure to reach out to me on my contact page if you have questions.

I hope you could view this video.  My videos are uploaded to my Bren Haas YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe if you are on that network.

strawberry package in containerIn today’s video, I am sharing the new bare root strawberry plants I am growing in a container.   I picked these packages up at Home Depot the other day while shopping for lumber.

supplies for planting

When you open the packet you will find a light soil that should keep the roots from drying out.   Under all that soil you will find a rubber band holding the plants together.  Carefully remove the rubber band and start to break apart the root clumps.  Wiggle that plant around and work your fingers to get the loose soil off the root.  It is easy to tell the top of the plant – all the roots will be connected to it.  It may not show any signs of growth ( such as green leaves) at this time and that is just fine.

Varieties to Consider

In this video post, I feature 2 varieties I found while shopping locally.  They are both have different harvest times but super sweet.

  • The Sequoia variety I am growing is self-pollinating and will produce sweet fruit in the spring and maybe the fall.
  • Quinault variety which is Everbearing strawberries produces 3 harvests in the spring, summer, and fall. Very disease resistant.

Planting Tips

bare root strawberries

Below are a few planting bare root strawberries I highlight in the video featured on this post.

  1.  I used a loose planting soil.  Strawberries do not like to be wet in compact soil so make sure the soil you pick drains well.
  2. I am using my favorite planting tool ( my finger) to make a hole in the soil big enough of the bare root to fit.  This hole is about 3″ deep.
  3. Make sure the crown located at the top of the roots is lifted above the soil.
  4. Gently pat the soil around that plant and watch for new growth.  The new growth will start showing in about a week or less in spring conditions.
  5. I’ve planted my strawberries about 2-3 ” apart.
  6. Once they get established and have produced a harvest I will most likely divide as they produce runners.

Let’s Connect

Thanks for checking out my video and images today.  I hope you will take the time to comment below.  Have you grown bare root strawberries before?  Share with me on my contact page.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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