How To Separate Bare Root Strawberry Plants

In this short video I demonstrate how to open up and separate bare root strawberry plants.  You will find video and a few images on my post.

Separate Bare Root Strawberry Plants Video

Don’t miss Oliver my pup sleeping through the strawberry bare root planting today!  In this video I show you what most store bought bareroot plants look like when they arrive.  You will learn how to handle the bare root bundles and other tips.  Watch the video on my Bren Haas Channel below.

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You know I love making fun videos featuring what I’ve got growing on.  If you have issues viewing this content please get a hold of me on my website.  The videos are located on my Bren Haas Channel embedded from YouTube.  I am on YouTube and other leading social media platforms at @brenhaas.

Fearlessly Separate Bare Root Strawberry Plants

The video on this post features just how to handle the bare root strawberries.  Do not be afraid that you are going to break anything if the plants are healthy.  If you have old bare roots they will basically disintegrate or break up and will not grow.    Check out the images below featuring what the bundle will look like and how to divide.

The best time to purchase bare root strawberries is in the spring.  If you happen to find fresh and healthy bare root plants in the summer months you are lucky!  Strawberry plants can be started from bare root or seed most anytime of the year if you provide the right conditions.  I share more about growing strawberries on my website.

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