White Carolina Strawberry

In this post I share a video featuring bareroot White Carolina Strawberry (or Pineberry).  You will learn how to plant bareroot strawberry and fun facts about this fruit.

White Carolina Strawberry Bareroot Planting

Video In the video I plant up 10 of the White Carolina Strawberry Bareroots in a hanging basket.  The White Pine pineberries are vigorous and will send forth numerous runners so this plant will be moved to the landscape or raised bed later this spring.  The strawberry basket planting is being used because I am planting early in my greenhouse.  Be sure to bookmark my  website to get notification of the latest post featuring this edible fruit.

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The video on this page is from my Bren Haas Channel where I share many creative living ideas.  If you are on YouTube or other social media platforms you will find me on the links featured on this page.

How the White Carolina Strawberry Got Its Name

The pineberry varieties you may find in the USA are the ‘White Pine’, ‘White Carolina’, ‘White D’, and ‘Natural Albino’ cultivars. The pineberry originates from The Netherlands from the breeder Hans de Jongh.  These photos featuring the pineberry are from 2013 when the pineberry was fairly new to USA.  My husband and I tour the private farm on the Biltmore Estate where the food is grows for the restaurants on the property.

There is great information about the pineberry on the strawberryplants.org website.

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After hearing all about my White Carolina I am planting in my home garden this year I’d love to hear what you think!  Will you come back and take a look at my harvest later in the season?  Are you considering growing some of your own?  It would be an honor to hear from you so please leave a comment on my website.  Don’t forget you can find me on social media at Bren Haas.

Happy Spring Gardening,

Bren Haas

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