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Vivipary Strawberry

Vivipary Strawberry
Vivipary Strawberry in Autumn

In this post I share a video and images of one of the most unique transformations I have ever witnessed.  This is a strawberry that is going through a vivipary stage.  See first hand what the plant looks like and how this strawberry is producing many plants on the fruit from the seed.

Vivipary Strawberry in the Dome Greenhouse Video

I’ve never witnessed such a thing with my strawberry plants. TRUST ME, I’ve grown a few different varieties in my day and NEVER have I seen this. From a plant I purchased out near Lake Erie at a small garden center this unique transformation happen. Get my take and what I plan on doing with this in the video feature on Bren Haas YouTube Channel.

This video is part of my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  Be sure to follow along if you want to see the videos as they are produced. You can find me at Bren Haas YouTube.  Details on my website under the video tag!

What is Vivipary Strawberry

It is safe to say I have been growing strawberries from seed, tubers and new plants for well over 20 years.  In all this time I have NEVER witnessed this on a strawberry plant.  After researching what the green leaf coming from my strawberry fruit I found this is really unique to see.

Vivipary, also known as phyllody, describes a condition that occurs when the embryo within the seed breaks through the seed coat while still attached to the parent plant. Viviparity mean “giving live birth’.  How cool is that?!

The Everbearing Strawberry Plant

Bergman Market and Greenhouse
Hot Pink Blooming Strawberry

Off the trail heading to the lake we stumbled upon this little garden center market.  The set up was super basic and filled with some oldie but goodie varieties. Not only did we bring home 2 of these pretty strawberry plants I filled the back of the little car with flower for my window boxes for the year.  Those plants did amazing as well and I hope to post about those in the days to come. Here are a few photos of the Bergman Market and Garden Center.  I also did a Google Map review giving the location 5 stars!

address: 4562 E Bayshore Rd, Port Clinton, OH 43452

If you can’t access the Google Map above just click on any mobile map app and add the address above to find Bergman Market and Greenhouse. 

Find more Garden Centers on my website at: https://brenhaas.com/northwest-ohio-garden-centers/

Strawberry Plant From Bergman Market
Enjoying the cute plant year-round

 Let’s Connect

In conclusion to reading this post of mine I hope you are excited to see what comes of these seedlings.  Be sure to follow my adventure by subscribing to this blog via email.  Feel free to leave comments and ask questions on my post below.  Lastly, I can’t stress enough how excited I am to share with you what might happen to these baby starter plants.  STAY TUNED!

Thank you for checking out my website today!

Bren Haas

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  1. That is wild, Bren! But nobody deserves the honor of witnessing this more than you. I don’t know anyone who has grown as many strawberries as you have (except for commercial operations, of course). I am wowed.

    1. Thanks for stopping by my website Jean. I appreciate that you took the time to leave a comment. See you on X.

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