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Water Lettuce Update and Unwanted Critter Nesting

Mouse in SucculentsIn this post, I share what I have learned over the winter about my water lettuce (Pistia Plant) and discover I’ve got an unwanted guest in the dome garden.

Growing Water Lettuce in my koi pond located in the dome.

water lettuce in summer koi pond

I found water lettuce at a local garden center in late May 2019.  At first, I brought hom2 2 plants – they did so well that I went back and got 2 more including a water hyacinth.  By mid-summer, the plants were going crazy in my koi pond – in a good way.  The water looked amazing when I moved all those new water lettuce plants over to see.  I do believe the plants, barley straw and koi were working well together.https://youtu.be/BsynA2rMkQA

We still have a few inches of snow outside that will be gone in the next few days – temperatures are supposed to be up in the 50*F next week.   The dome pathway is staying nice and dry most likely thanks to the trenching we did around the dome structure.

Snow Dome Entrance

Over to the pond.. the water is moving steadily even though I’ve got some green algae growing – I believe that is from the last of the water lettuce that has decomposed.

Images From the Dome Garden

This is the container that stays the warmest in the dome – it is along the south wall and sadly is holding all I have left of those water lettuce.  I should have pulled more of the plants out of the koi pond in early winter before the water temperature dropped below 50*F.  My hope is that the sun is getting higher in the sky in late winter  – the water is warming up – the plants will start to grow and multiply.

This is the cyperus papyrus that the unknown critter broke off and made a nest in my dome with.

Cyperus papyrus

More Dome Gardening

One of the highlights of gardening for me is my dome life!  I hope you check out more post on this website featuring those adventures.  I’ve been growing in this structure feature on this page since 2015. 

February Dome Garden Sunset
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 Let’s Connect

Hey all, I would love it if you gave me some feedback on my contact page.  Don’t be shy and leave a comment on this blog post a well.  I would love to hear if you have grown water lettuce before and what you learned from that experience.

Happy Water Gardening,

Bren Haas

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