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Sunflower Tree In My Home Garden

One of the many highlights of growing your own garden are sunflowers.  In this post I share a video and a few growing tips featuring the ginormous sunflower tree growing in my garden.  This is not the first year I have had this amazing plant take off in my gardens.

Sunflower Tree in My Home Garden

You can imagine my surprise once this sunflower seed starts to take over just 3 months ago.  The only thing I had to do really was to water during the dry spell we had in spring.  Check out the video highlighting this amazing plant.

The video on this page is from my Bren Haas Channel.  Please be sure to direct all comments and questions on this blog post. Please note I check my website comments each day before any other media locations.

Sunflower Tree

Bren Under The Sunflower

For the life of me, I can’t remember which seed this was.  After I finish chores indoors I will be sure to try and look up which seed this may have been.  Judging by the size of this plant and the fact that I have had this in my garden before, it may be a seed I saved. 

sunflower tree image

There are a few different varieties that produce multiple blooms on one plant.  These are a few I have grown in my home garden over the years:

  • Suntasitic Yellow Sunflower
  • Maximilian prairie sunflower
  • Chocolate sunflower
  • Irish eyes sunflower
  • Solar Flash sunflower
  • Mammoth Sunflower

To sum up the video information I hope the biggest takeaway is to try growing some of your own.  If you follow my content and blog posts you will see the giant sunflower tree isn’t the only sunflower I grew from seed this year.  You will find 2 other small varieties that are simply amazing and grow in a short time during summer months to only about 2-3 feet tall.

More About Sunflowers on My Website 

Below are a few of my current and favorite articles about sunflowers.  Be sure to take a look and leave me a comment to let me know what you think! 


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First off I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by my website today.  As noted above I check my website comments and replies daily.  In conclusion, I really hope you consider growing some sunflowers in your home garden.  It isn’t too late to start seeds these days.

Happy Sunflower Gardening,

Bren Haas

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