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Growing an Herb GardenNothing beats the flavor of homegrown herbs from your summer garden.  In today’s post, we discuss GardenChat Twitter Event: Growing and Herbs during the summer months.  Find the complete details on how to connect with others during a 1-hour gardenchat on Twitter.

You Are Invited

Join the conversation on Twitter as we chat about what herbs to grow in summer.  Participants are encouraged to click the Tweet below to join the conversation NOW!

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Click on each question to see what others have to share Growing A Summer Herb Garden | GardenChat Event. These are also featured in the highlighted moments from Twitter below.  Tweet @brenhaas if you are not sure where to begin!

  • Question 1: What hardiness zone do you grow in during the summer months? #gardenchat
  • Question 2: Do you grow herbs during the summer months? #gardenchat
  • Question 3: Tell us a little bit about where you grow your herbs ( ground, raised bed, containers etc) #gardenchat
  • Question 4: Do you grow your herbs in sun/shade or both.  Share the details with us about your herbs. #gardenchat
  • Question 5: Do your herbs grow as perennials? Share which varieties you grow or recommend.  #gardenchat
  • Question 6: What herbs seem to do best planting in summer by seed? #gardenchat
  • Question 7: Do you have a favorite herb that grows best in the heat / full sun? #gardenchat
  • Question 8: When is the best time to harvest your summer herbs? #gardenchat
  • Question 9: Tell us about the herbs you love to let flower for the pollinators to enjoy? #gardenchat
  • Question 10: do you blog about your herbs or other gardens?  Share the link with us here so we can visit! #gardenchat


Below are my favorite tweets from the Growing A Summer Herb Garden | GardenChat Event.  These are on Twitter saved in my list of Moments.  Ask me more by tweeting below!

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Join the conversation by sharing Growing A Summer Herb Garden | GardenChat Event.

Herbs to grow in your home garden!

Let’s Connect

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