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Swiss Chard Bright Lights is a AAS winner

What is All America Selections

In this post I am sharing with you what is All America Selections.  Find out more about this non-profit organization and some of the varieties I personally recommend in this post.  In addition to the personal tips you will see a video about this subject. What is All America Selections I figure the best way

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Tomato Growers Order 2023

Tomato Growers Seed Order 2023 Arrive

In this post I share my unboxing video featuring the Tomato Growers Seed Order for 2023 I just received.  Wait until you see what is new for this year and what caught my eye online. Tomato Growers Seed Order 2023 Video This isn’t your typical online unboxing featuring seeds.  Check out the variety Tomato Growers

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Dried Seeds on Napkin | Mystery Tomato

The Tomato Seeds on a Dried Napkin Planting

In this post I share the mystery tomato seeds on a dried napkin planting.  These in an envelope labelled ‘organic heirloom tomato’.  Find the video on how I plant the napkin and what happen after just a short few days. The Tomato Seeds on a Dried Napkin Planting A few years ago I hosted a

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How to Use a Heat Mat for Seed Starting

How to Use A Heat Mat for Seed Starting

This is truly one of those things I wish I knew about in the beginning of my seed starting adventures. In this post you will find my experience using heat mat for seed starting.  You will find a video (vlog) and images with details and personal tips. How to Use A Heat Mat for Seed

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Seed Starter Supplies for 2022

Growing Pepper Plants From Seed Indoors

In this post I share my favorite products for the new year growing pepper plants from seed indoors.  Check out the video featuring step by step how to and my personal tips. There are photos of products I highly recommend that will save you time and money. Growing Pepper Plants  From Seed Indoors Video This

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Mix Nasturtium Herb

How to Grow and Take Care of Nasturtium

In this post I share what we did with a free seed packet my son brought home from Lowes after making a lumber purchase. Check out my How to grow nasturtium seeds from Lowes video and images. Nasturtium Seeds From Lowes Video In the video I show what the nasturtium seeds grow to look like. 

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Edible Window Boxes 2021

Spring Edible Window Box Ideas

In today’s post I share with you my 3 large window boxes I have on my back kitchen patio.  You will find a video and images that will give you my tips to help you grow successfully during the cool season.   Find A Creative Spring Edible Window Box Ideas Video in this post. Edible Window

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free seeds

Mail Order Botanical Interest Seed Unboxing

In this post check out the beautiful presentation from my mail order from Botanical Interests Seed.  I do a video unboxing and share a few photos. Mail Order Botanical Interests Seed Unboxing With everything going on in this world today it was a real treat to get my mail order.  What a beautiful presentation as

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Gardening with Volunteers

Sunflower Volunteers in my Home Garden

In this post, I want to share with you some of the beautiful happy volunteers that have come up in my garden over the years.  One of the biggest surprises has been sunflower volunteers. In My Garden The Sunflower Volunteer In the video below I share just how beautiful this sunflower really is.  The plant

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Plants in The Evening Garden

Enjoying the evening in the garden is a highlight of growing flowers.  In this post, I share some of my favorite plants I recommend for you to enjoy in the evening garden. Flowers in The Evening Garden Take a walk with me in my evening garden and enjoy the flowers here in NW Ohio.  I share

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Handful of Pumpkin Seeds

How to Prepare Pumpkin Seeds

This post was updated in February 2023. Autumn season is filled with pumpkins and gourds in my home garden.  In today’s post explore how to prepare pumpkin seeds.  Enjoy a yummy roasted pumpkin seed recipe and how to save seeds for the garden. Pumpkin Seeds Recipe This is one of my favorite recipes I remember

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