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Sunflower Challenge in My Home Greenhouse Update

Each year I battle the bird who love to enjoy my newly planted sunflower seeds in my large garden outside.  This year I am taking the sunflower challenge.  In this post, I share details about the Sunflower Challenge.  This is a fun share because you get to see my home greenhouse being used!

Sunflower Challenge in my Home Greenhouse Video

One of the best seeds to start with children – the sunflower! You’ll see why in the days to come on my channel.  The sunflower grows super fast and is always rewarding.  There are so many great varieties out today it is hard to just pick one.  In the video below I share what’s growing in my greenhouse – including the #sunflowerchallenge2019.


I follow a few fun allotments on YouTube.  One of my favorite channels by Richard and Paul are doing a #sunflowerChallenge2019.  Everyone is encouraged to post the sunflowers they are growing in 2019.

Images From The Greenhouse

I grow a few dozen sunflower varieties each year.  I lose a lot of seeds because the birds like to eat them as I plant them in the garden.  This year will be a fun experience starting them indoors and planting the little staters in the garden in a few weeks.  Below are some of the varieties I am growing this year.

new seeds for my garden

Don’t forget the Kroger variety!  This saved seed will be fun to see if it actually germinates so stay tuned.

sunflower on fence
The best sunflowers come up on their own in my garden.

In the photo above is the sunflower that came up on its own next to my picket fence in the big cut flower garden I grow each year.

Other fun things to grow:

Growing Peas With Children in the Home Garden

Let’s Connect

My favorite part of each blog post is connecting!  I hope you will take the time to leave a comment on my blog and visit my connect page to leave a detailed message.  Maybe I’ve inspired you to think about growing in a greenhouse!

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas


2 Responses

  1. Love the big flowers. I am thinking of planting a few big sunflower seeds in my abandoned flower bed in the field. It is shaping up to be a small woodland setting, with daylilies, flowering trees and wild flowers. Hubby has been cutting non flowering trees to get control of the messy over grown look. Where there is sun there are flowers.

    1. You should drop a few seeds – or starter plants. It is funny how I actually get a few strays in my flower beds from the birds spreading the seed! Thank you for commenting with a great idea!

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