The Perfect Turkey Sandwich Recipe

I’ve been waiting all year for this day … after Thanksgiving dinner Turkey Sandwich.  This is a simple recipe my Dad use to make for me using what we had at home.  I am excited to share the perfect turkey sandwich recipe with you today.

Turkey Sandwich Recipe

The perfect turkey sandwich

below is the easy recipe and remember to use ONLY FRESH ingredients.  I have kind of updated the bread we use for this recipe and of course, pickle recipes do change but the taste is just like Dad used to make.

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The Perfect Turkey Sandwich
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The Perfect Turkey Sandwich


  • 4 pieces of whole white bread
  • 2-3 tablespoons of real mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup of fresh cold turkey sliced or shredded
  • sweet hot or just sweet pickles


  1. Spread mayo on one side of both pieces of bread used for the sandwich
  2. lay cold turkey down like slices. Sometimes with dry meat it is better to use shredded
  3. layer sweet pickle on top
  4. put top piece of bread on sandwich before slicing in 1/2
  5. serve with potato chips

It is super important to use fresh ingredients.  The roasted turkey usually last a good week in the refrigerator in an airtight container.  I share how to get a perfectly roasted turkey on my website.

 Brens’ Kitchen

Turkey Sandwich Ingredients

Today I use a whole white flour bread that is loaded with seeds. Here are some photos of my turkey sandwich recipe.  This is the real deal so be sure to comment on my post or reach out to me on social media @brenhaas to tell me what you think.  I love the fresh seed whole flours we have available these days for meals at the grocery store.  Do you use any unique bread for your sandwich?

healthy seed whole flour bread

The sweet-hot peppers are sometimes from my garden but when I didn’t have time the ones from the grocery store will do just fine. Doesn’t that turkey sandwich below look amazing?!

Sweet Hot Peppers

Andy didn’t want pickles on his turkey sandwich … he has no idea what he is missing. Put a dipping sauce dish of the sweet hot pickles on the plate.


I’ve got more Thanksgiving turkey leftover recipes on my site so check these out:

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In conclusion, share with me what you do with your Thanksgiving day leftovers so be sure to comment on this post.

Enjoy those Turkey Day leftovers,

Bren Haas

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