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Turmeric in Bloom

How To Grow Your Own Turmeric

In this post, I share how I grow my own turmeric in my home garden.  You will see my video showing what the turmeric plant looks like.  I also share a photo of the plant blooming in the summer. How to Grow Your Own Turmeric The vlog featuring the turmeric I grow in my home

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Grow your own tomatoes

Grow Your Own Food In Modern Victory Garden Bag

We are super lucky today and all the modern luxuries we have in the garden. In this post I share my tips on growing your own food in a modern victory Garden. Grow Your Own Food The Corona Virus has got a lot of people really thinking about where their food comes from.  Not to

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Goji Berry Box from Meijers

Growing Your Own Super Food Goji Berry

In this post I share my experience growing and eating the Goji berry.  Ignore all the hype of the berry being healthy and that is why you should grow them.  I think they taste gross unless you prepare them.  The vine is really something to experience – it is very pretty in full bloom. Goji

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Harvesting Strawberries in Autumn

Strawberry Plant Growing Tips

Strawberry Harvest in Autumn Everyone loves a juicy, sweet strawberry treat in early summer. In today’s post I share how strawberry plant growing tips I’ve learned over the years of growing them just about every way possible.  Everything from in the ground, containers, and year-round dome.  My Strawberry Plants My plants growing began about five

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Spider Plant Container in Landscape

How I Grow Spider Plants Outdoors

In this post I share tips and tricks on growing spider plants outdoors.  You will see a video or two and plenty of images for ideas.  Be sure to scroll down for additional information on this easy to grow plant.

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Tomato Growers Order 2023

Tomato Growers Seed Order 2023 Arrive

In this post I share my unboxing video featuring the Tomato Growers Seed Order for 2023 I just received.  Wait until you see what is new for this year and what caught my eye online. Tomato Growers Seed Order 2023 Video This isn’t your typical online unboxing featuring seeds.  Check out the variety Tomato Growers

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Bride at Cleveland Botanical Garden

Planning Your Dream Botanic Garden Wedding

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding is location. Have you ever considered a botanic garden wedding? In this post I will share a list of Botanical Gardens that offer a Wedding Venue. Things to Consider When Planning a Botanic Garden Wedding Perhaps the location of your wedding is

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Website Design at Work

How to Start Your Own Creative Website

One of the most rewarding things about being online is having my own space.  In this post, I will share with you a few tips on how to start your own creative website and blog. How to Start Your Own Creative Website with Blog I wish I would have known in 2006 when I first

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