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Stainless Steel French Press Review

I got my very first French Press Coffee maker on Amazon and I LOVE IT!  In this post, I share a video of me unboxing and the very first time I made coffee in it.

coffee with a cookie in the french press review

My Frist Time Making Coffee in the French Press


the french press comes in a nice box

I had to do a little editing to the video below because it was totally too long.  The video was long because I was readying step by step on the manual which isn’t written in English very well.  Once I starting playing with the classy looking and well built french press you can tell when the ‘light bulb’ goes off in my head.  After a week of owning this, I make the most delightful brews in minutes.  It is my choice for brewing many different brands in which I will share further down on this post.

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Don’t be surprised if I end up sharing another video of how easy it is to make coffee in a French Press.  It is my favorite!!!!  Be sure to check out my other Bren Haas Channel Videos on this site.  If you are on YouTube subscribe to my channel for more details.

About the Stainless Steel French Press

About the French Press

This is a french press coffee maker which is stainless steel.  Double-wall metal insulated coffee or tea maker with a 4 level filtration system.  You don’t have to worry about it rusting because it is stainless steel.  It is dishwasher safe but not needed.  Here are a few tips I recommend:

My tea kettle going on the stove top
  • Use water from a tea kettle that is just on the verge of boil. Never use boiling water or it will burn the coffee.
  • Add hot water to the French Press to let the container get warm while the water for the brew is being prepared.
  • Always handwash the press – do not put the kettle in a dishwasher because it is not needed.
  • Expresso grounds work just fine in this product even though the directions say not to.  The 4 level filtration system keeps the grounds out of the serving brew.
easy to clean filter

After checking this honest review I posted on my site and social media I hope you will consider purchasing one using my Amazon Affiliate link here.

in my kitchen coffee cup and cookie

The photo above is the one I share on Pinterest. I hope you will connect with me over there and add me to your favorite BLOGGER Board!

Coffees I enjoy in this press include the following:

  • Ground LavAzza
  • Erie Island Coffee Company / Arabica Whole Bean Signature Blend

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It seems weird calling this a coffee machine but it really is!  You will have to tell me if you have a French Press and what you think of it.  Do you have a favorite brand of grounds to use in the machine?  Stay tuned for future videos including a review of the pretty coffee ground tool I recently purchased to try some of the whole beans my husband uses in our Electric Expresso Maker.

Can’t wait to have a cup of french press with you soon,

Bren Haas

2 Responses

  1. I love a French press. Finding the right coffee for your taste from the press will be fun. You can buy a coffee scoop which should be the right amount for the instructions. I think it is about a teaspoon. Maybe if you heap each teaspoon you used it will improve the taste for you. Coffee is such fun. Love the look of that stainless press. I have a ceramic one and an individual glass cup press. Not quite a mug size but it is fun to use. A coffee press is about equal to manually making drip coffee. Letting it steep longer than the 4 minutes will help deepen the flavor also. It is fun because you can find your perfect brew then make a quick cup without a plug in version of the coffee pot. Decorating a coffee bar addition to your kitchen will be fun.

    1. Hey Sally – I appreciate you taking the time to share with me on my site today. I really find the french press something fun to use during the colder season. It just makes the house cozy having that scent from the press and all. Please stay in touch!

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