Pickling Made Easy | Dads Pickle Recipe

Pickling Made Easy
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Pickling Made Easy


  • 3 c.sugar
  • 3 c.vinegar
  • 3 tsp.salt
  • Cucumber slices
  • Yellow Banana Peppers
  • FOR HEAT : jalapeno / Hungarian hot ( banana )
  • For COLOR : don’t be afraid to add a orange or red hot pepper!
  • Garlic ( fresh cloves)


  1. Place sugar, vinegar and salt in pot
  2. Heat and stir until sugar dissolves.
  3. Slice peppers lengthwise; remove seed and caps.
  4. add a clove of garlic
  5. Place in sterilized jars; pack tightly.
  6. Pour syrup over peppers; seal.
  7. Let set for several weeks; serve.


I usually let these processed pickles sit for a few weeks before opening to enjoy.

I have been using the recipe above as long as I have been canning…. I think I was 7 when I first packed a jar with my Dad.  Remember to follow the directions on your canning jar labels for proper handling or check out the links below.


In My Kitchen Canning Day 


In the image above is a look at my kitchen counter on canning day. I’m fortunate enough to have a food processor that I use for most of the slicing in my canning adventures. If you are not doing a large scale of canning then it would be silly to get out a tool like the food processor because it adds more time to the clean up project when using that tool.



Here’s Where The Picklin’ Begins For Me

It all started in my greenhouse with a few little seeds that I received from the Toledo Growers Seed Swap. This year I have saved my own seeds from the harvest to continue growing next year.

My friend Jan over at City Farmer did the math for me. Jan wrote on her Facebook Network:
City Farmer These numbers are as crunchy as the pickles! Bren of BGgarden canned 72 pints of pickles this week from 6 plants. So that’s a case of pickles per plant, or 1 pint/month for the coming year. Eat 2 pints of pickles/month? Then you’ll need 2 plants, and so on. One cuke plant is totally do-able on a balcony or patio. Two or …more, great for a city farm or community garden! Our pickle math is done.
July 29 at 9:20pm / at Facebook / CITY FARMER


In the photo above are my four plants I have growing on homemade trellis’ in the veggie garden. My veggie garden is pretty ‘darn’ big but the cucumbers take up a space measuring 4’x4′. You don’t need fancy store bought trellis’ for your cucumbers to stay compact. We use 3 pieces of left over wood stakes, drilled a hole at the top with a ‘twist tie’ to hold the T-P together. I use garden twin tying the strong up and gentle placing the cucumber vine as it grows. I have been using these for five years now.

The photo above shows my two pickling cucumber plants that are over in my Greenhouse Landscape project featured in the raised beds. There are lot of fun annuals and herbs growing in this box as well. The funny thing is, I have harvested more cucumbers from this location then the four in the veggie garden. This bed is fed with Haven Brew Bags.

Thank you for stopping by! 
I hope I have encouraged you to try canning up some of your own pickles or ones you find at your local farmers market.
Happy growing your own and be sure to comment below so we can ‘can’ together,

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