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Sowing Seeds on Sunday | Super Sow Sunday

Let the gardening begin.  Join the sowing seeds on Sunday conversation on social media.  In this post find out how to participate on Super Sow Sunday.

Super Sow Sunday Sign Up

Super Sow Sunday: It has long been a tradition on GardenChat network to start seeds on Super Bowl Sunday. This event started back in 2009 on Twitter. Sowing Seeds can be anytime of year and during this project that is what we will focus on.  Sunday Sowing shares the seeds you are sowing using the hashtag #SuperSowSunday on your favorite social media platforms and website.

How It Works:

  • Sign Up for Creative Living with Bren Haas newsletter for the latest Seed Information. ((It’s Free!))
  • Connect with the Community: Share with others in GardenChat Facebook Group Sowing Seeds weekly. We use units to keep the conversation and learning experience on track!  (ask me more about this by filling out the contact form on this web site meet and greet everyone on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SuperSowSunday
  • Share what you are sowing… share tips, ideas, questions, and more with our growing community every Sunday.
  • SIGN UP now …. start connecting with others on the list and let’s sow some seeds together.

Free Seed Catalogs

Below is a PDF featuring the free seed catalogs I have found over the last few years.  You are welcome to download a copy and sign up.  These catalogs have NO affiliation with BrenHaas.com.  I am only providing you with the research I have found.

List of FREE Seed Catalogs 

More About Sowing Seeds on my website at Seed Sowing! 


Let’s Connect

Got a question you need to be answered about this event please contact me here: Bren Haas Contact.  Tell me what you think about this event by commenting on this post below.

Happy Seed Sowing,

Bren Haas

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