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Mexican Sour Gherkins And Strawberries In Small Space Garden

In this post you will find a video featuring a creative planting including Mexican Sour Gherkins.  These fun little healthy snacks are super easy to grow and enjoy as outlined below Mexican Sour Gherkins Video This is my first you to grow the Mexican Sour Gherkins on my patio.  I found a cute little cloth

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cucumbers freshly cut in jars

Pickling Made Easy with Dad’s Classic Recipe

It’s hard to say if growing or preserving cucumbers is easier. In this post, I share Pickling made easy with Dad’s classic pickle recipe and let you decide. Dad’s Classic Pickle Recipe You’ll want to print this recipe to add to your cookbook.  Be sure to laminate it so you don’t get pickling juice all

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serving in a dish for lunch

Italian Cucumber, Tomato and Pasta Summer Salad

In this post, I share a spin-off of my famous Aunt Mary Pasta Salad. I call my Italian Cucumber, Tomato, and Pasta Summer Salad.  This is going to be the new hit at family and friends get together this summer. Italian Cucumber, Tomato and Pasta Summer Salad I’ve been experimenting with the new pasta style

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casarecce pasta in cool salad bowl recipe

Cool Summer Casarecce Pasta Salad Recipe

In this post, I share my easy Cool Summer Casarecce Pasta Salad Recipe. Cool Summer Casarecce Pasta Salad Recipe I think what I love most about the pasta I use in this salad is it really soaks up the flavors quickly.  Most other pasta salads I have made with dressings need to sit overnight.  NOT

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cucumber pickle Recipe

Easy to Create Grandmas Refrigerator Pickle Recipe

In today’s post I am sharing an easy to create refrigerator pickle recipe.  This is a must to have in the refrigerator from spring harvest to late autumn.  Take advantage of the print option on the recipe card in this post. Grandma’s Refrigerator Pickle Recipe As long as you remember to use FRESH ingredients for

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Easy To Make with Home Grown Herbs

Quick and Spicy Asian Cucumber Pickles Recipe

Did you know that you can grow an actual  ‘Pickling’ Cucumber?  Cucumbers aren’t pickles until you process them of course.  In today’s post, I share one of my favorite recipes this time of year when the cucumbers are abundant in my home garden and farmers market. This recipe is super healthy and you can add

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Cucumbers and Tomatoes in Pasta Salad

Aunt Mary’s Pasta Salad Recipe

Creative dishes filled with fresh veggies makes every event a hit! In today’s post, I share the most requested recipe from my family and friends to bring to summer events.  My Aunt Mary Pasta Salad Recipe has been a favorite of mine since I enjoyed it as a kid. Highlights From The Kitchen Images below

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home garden of bren haas in summer 2009

Cucumber : Grow, Harvest and Recipes

In today’s post and presentation, we discuss cucumber: growing, harvesting, and some recipes.  Don’t miss the video presentation featured on this page. Cucumber: Grow, Harvest and Preserver We’ve been having so much fun sharing from our home and garden this summer. One of my all-time favorite things to grow is the cucumber.  Check out this

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Basket Full of Pickles

The Good Life : Gherkin Relish Recipe

My family enjoys gardening year-round thanks to the greenhouse we added years ago and now the geodesic biodome this past Autumn.  Another treat we enjoy year-roundd is homemade gherkin relish usually from the garden harvest if it was a good year. Pickles make a great appetizer or addition to the appetizer table and even to

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