Mr. Toad Spends the Winter in The Geodesic Bio Dome

First spotted in the dome sporting a very dark skin mainly because he was hiding out in the mulch that covers the floor.  I hadn’t seen the Mr. Toady in a few months so I wasn’t sure if he had left while we had the door open moving rocks in back in November.  What a surprise to find him hooping about near the cabbage. This post features Mr. Toad spends the Winter in the geodesic bio dome.

Hello Mr. Toady in The Geodesic Bio Dome

I can’t believe I didn’t scream…. toads are reptiles after all.  Thrilled and honored to have a toad living in my geodesic bio dome for the winter in Ohio.

This video can be found on YouTube at :

The Day Mr.Toad Was Spotted In The Geodesic Bio Dome Garden

Having a toad in the garden is a treat because he naturally takes care of bad bugs.  The toad dwelling in my geodesic dome also is a reminder that I grow naturally.  Below is a collection of images from the day spent in the winter garden.

In Conclusion

Toads are amphibians so I need to get that pond filled in with water so Mr. Toady has a place to swim.  You’re invited to leave a comment and tell me what you think of Mr. Toady in my dome.

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