Mr. Toad Spends the Winter in The Geodesic Bio Dome

toad eating bugs in winter dome

First spotted in the dome sporting a very dark skin mainly because he was hiding out in the mulch that covers the floor.  I have not seen Mr. Toady in a few months so I wasn’t sure if he had left while we had the door open moving rocks in back in November.  What a surprise to find him hopping about near the cabbage. This post features Mr. Toad spends the Winter in the geodesic bio dome.

Hello Mr. Toady in The Winter Dome

I can’t believe I didn’t scream…. toads are reptiles after all.  Instead, I was like ‘awww’!!!  He is truly a pet and I am glad he is spending winter in the dome. Thrilled and honored to have a toad living in my geodesic biodome for the winter in Ohio.  Check out my video below.  Let me know what you think about having a dome by connecting on my website.

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This video can be found on my Bren Haas Channel.   Thanks for being a part of my growing network.

The Day Mr.Toad Was Spotted In The Geodesic Bio Dome Winter Garden

Having a toad in the garden is a treat because he naturally takes care of bad bugs.  The toad dwelling in my geodesic dome also is a reminder that I grow naturally.  Below is a collection of images from the day spent in the winter garden.

snapdragons and mums in the dome winter garden

houseplants on succulent shelf

succulent table in the dome garden stretching for the late winter sun to rise higher in the sky.

Harvest made possible possibly from Mr. Toad help!

Toad in the Dome Garden Winter Home

Who wouldn’t love to spend winter in a dome-like this!

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In Conclusion

The toad is an amphibian so I need to get that pond filled in with water so Mr. Toady has a place to swim.  You’re invited to leave a comment and tell me what you think of Mr. Toady in my dome. Check out my website for more dome fun!

Happy Dome Gardening,

Bren Haas

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