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Dome Growing Mid-November Update 2022

Hollywood Tropic Hibiscus Bloom in Dome November

The year is flying by and I can’t wait for the first snow or hard frost.  Anticipating winter weather in the north becomes a reality when growing in my dome!  In this post I share what is growing on in Mid-November 2022.

Dome Growing Mid-November Update 2022

This just maybe the first year I can remember that the frost has held out until mid-November.  Could it be I am just excited to get all my ‘prize winning’ plants tucked in to the safe place called the dome?  In the video feature on this page I share what is in my dome growing space and how I prepare for that cold winter weather.  We have yet to get the extra heat source ready so check out all the organic items commonly found in my hardiness zone.  Check out below:

This video is part of my Bren Haas Channel.  Find all the latest updates from the dome greenhouse and other creative ideas here. 

Highlights From Dome Growing Mid-November

The video feature is loaded with plants and autumn growing tips therefore, it is hard to pick a few for highlights.  Below are the dome growing mid-November picks that stood out and I feel you will enjoy.  Be sure to click thru to see additional information on each image.

Borage is one of my favorite flowers to enjoy with geraniums in the dome.

Bonus, enjoying the blooms of the tropic hibiscus all the way until February is the same container in the dome bloom and on the summer patio.

The white impatiens put on a glowy white show in the hanging baskets.

Straw bail is perfect for soaking up moisture from snow, therefore I use it next to the door.

It is a little messy this time of year due to all the holiday celebrations to prepare for. Note the black curtain on door and fans cover with black plastic securely.

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In conclusion of reading and watching my video I hope you will consider following my adventure.  You can add my website to your bookmarks on the browser of your choice.  Feel free to pop me a question anytime about what I share on my website.  Everything on this page is from my personal experience.  I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Happy Growing Year-Round,

Bren Haas

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