Mother of Thousands Plant

Mother of Thousands Plant or Kalanchoe daigremontiana is a fun plant to have in my collection.  In this post, I share what you have to look forward to if you add this to your indoor collection. 

Mother of Thousands Plant Video

My Mother of Thousands Plant is growing happy with a few other fun houseplants on my back patio.  These plants have been fun to tinker with while enjoying my back deck off of my bedroom.  I highly recommend all of these succulents and houseplants just because they have brought me so much joy.  In the video below I feature the Mother of Thousands Plant and the containers I have planted around it.

The video featured on this post is embedded from my YouTube Channel.  Look me up at BrenHaas and be sure to subscribe if you are a YouTube user.  I appreciate the support.


plants on table

In this post, you will find a few of my favorite photos of the plant.  It was so exciting to find it at the garden center we found up in Michigan during the summer road trip.  The plant didn’t have a tag so we had to look it up.  Luckily, one of the gals in the garden center has been growing one in her home so it was fun to hear how she is enjoying it.

Bren House Shopping Garden Center

As you can tell in the photo above I am pretty excited to bring the new plant home.  I also had a bunch of other goodies from this garden center right along Lake Michigan just north of Traverse City.  Can you identify any of the other plants?

Pine Hill Nursery in Michigan

My husband and I … and Oliver had a great time shopping at the Pine Hill Nursery where I found the Mother of Thousand plant.  Andy was loading up 2 new cherry trees in the RV while Oliver and shopped around.

Here is what the tray looked like in the nursery when I first found the plant.  LOOK AT ALL THOSE BABIES!!!!

RV Ride Home From Michigan

I had to share the bathroom of the RV where I put the box of plants that included the Mother of Thousands.  The plants were safe during our ride home in the shower of the camper.

I bet you didn’t expect that! 

The Mother of Thousands can not stay outside when the temperatures dip down in the 50*’s .  I will be moving the main plant into my home and the a few of the starters (babies) out to the dome greenhouse to see how they will grow.  Be sure to stay tuned and follow more houseplant and Geodesic biodome gardening updates.

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Let’s Connect

I feel in love with this Mother of Thousands Plant at first sight.  I would love to hear if you have a plant you are crazy about.  Comment on this blog post or please reach out to me on my contact page featured on this website.

Happy  Gardening,

Bren Haas

2 thoughts on “Mother of Thousands Plant”

  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! I live in SE Mississippi. I don’t have one now but I have grown the Mother of Thousands plant. I never knew what it was called. I had some in pots. Took some out planted by bedroom window….They bloomed! Goes up like a stalk with little red Christmas Bells on them. Beautiful fun plant. Im getting me another one. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for sharing with me. I have some of the little babies growing under an aloe plant in my house this winter. We will see how they grow up! The plant really is exciting and I am thrilled you left a comment sharing with me about yours. Happy Gardening – come back and share again soon. Bren


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