Moving Day For the Cactus

I can’t believe we just took the last of the living out of the 10’x12′ conventional greenhouse. Excited to think of the adventures a head in the new year on moving day for the cactus.

Moving Day for The Giant Cactus

I was a little teary eyed … trust me.  It has been a fun journey in the 10’x12′ greenhouse.  A big part of the greenhouse was watching this giant cactus grow from a 4″ little guy to this giant 3 foot cactus who was my co-pilot as the last load of plants were taken to the geodesic bio dome.

This video can be found on YouTube at : Creative Living with Bren Haas

Moving Day In Photos

In Conclusion

Sad to turn off the heat in the 10’x12′ conventional greenhouse I’ve been growing in since 2009 but very excited to continue my adventures in the 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome.

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