In this post I share a video with an update about the lawn or green space growing around my dome garden.  What a surprise to find new grass sprouting up after planting in late Autumn the year before.  Be sure to check out the images below.

Green Space Around My Dome in Spring

Things just keep on getting better in the green space around the 20′ geodesic biodome.  Excited to share how that seed is filling in other the trenching area we did last Autumn.  In the video I share a few tips about how we grow seed in our garden.  It really works… be sure to check out the images in this post as well.  ENJOY!

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You can find this video on my Bren Haas YouTube channel.  I also post the content on my website at Bren Haas Show.  

Important Notes About Growing Grass Seed

spring new growth
New Grass Protected By Straw

In this post I (and all of my website) I share what I’ve learned here in NW Ohio or by reaching out to others who share the facts.  I highly recommend that you reach out to your local extension office to find out the latest data and research being shared about lawns.  You can google search the name of your state with extension in the search with keywords such as: Turf, Lawn and Grass.   I also have a page on my site with all the United States Extension offices listed.  I hope this helps.  IF you have more questions you can reach out to me on my site.

Another important thing to consider is to do a soil test of the area where you are hoping to grow.  This will help you know what needs to be added to the soil if needed.  A soil test can be down through your extension office as well or local Ag offices.  Reach out to your local universities to find out more.  Most of these tests are FREE! 

More photos of trenching and lawn work in this Drone Blog Post.

Planting Grass Seed During Cooler Season

Below are a few of the photos from the driveway project.  I really need to blog about this.  The photos show the straw spread on the newly planted landscape.  My husband had to set up sprinklers on this portion because it was a super dry late summer into autumn.  The lawn did come in beautifully however the seed spread in later season which got the Autumn to Winter rain did amazing too.


Dry Autumn Trenching
My Husband Running the Ditch Witch to Add Tile

Straw To Hold Moisture

Drive Way Project | Straw Over New Seed

We used contractor blend seed because it is a nice mix of perennial and annual seed.  You will for sure get a beautiful lawn if you make sure the soil stays moist.


Autumn Driveway Border

Here is the lawn the following Autumn.  The straw and cooler temperatures helped keep the seed warm against the soil and birds from eating it.

Shout Out

I found a great documentation of different grass types and other turf management on the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

More Landscape Projects On My Site

Below you will find a few links leading to landscape projects and ideas I personally have created and or recommend.  ENJOY!

landscape summer with mix varieties

Super Blue Lavender and Firewitch Dianthus

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Blooming Now In My Home Garden

In this post I am sharing a short video featuring what caught my eye today in my home garden.  What is Blooming Now in my home garden for April 26,2023. See images, plant details and video below.

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jane magnolia Bloom

Jane Magnolia in My Home Garden

In this post you will find my Jane Magnolia growing in my Ohio Home Garden.  Check out the images and video features here with my personal view of the shrub.  You will love the Ask & Share video submit on my website below.

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Let’s Connect

What do you think about my honest review featuring the grass we grow here in my home garden?  I will share photos almost daily from around our almost 18 acres daily on social media.  You can find all those links on my website or reach out on social @brenhaas.

Happy Lawn Growing,

Bren Haas

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  1. This is great!! I never everrr would have thought straw would be useful, but it makes total sense! I didn’t think birds would be into the grass seed, silly me haha. Thanks so much Bren!!!

    1. Hey Ken – thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am just sharing what works on our property. We’ve done this method of planting seeds almost year-round in Ohio for about 20 years. Happy to help you!

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