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Lilacs In A Box On My Latest Vlog

I don’t think I would have ever imagined I’d own a few lilacs I purchased in a box.  In today’s post I share with you the Late Mauve Lilac shrubs in my home garden.

Lilacs In A Box

I guess Lilacs in a Box can be kind of misleading – but they really were in a box when my husband bought them in the store. Today’s vlog you will find my new lilacs my husband brought home for me from Costco.  You will see what the plants look like and other tips and tricks.  Be sure to watch the video and don’t forget to comment or share on social to let me know what you think.


Can you believe these were only $16 at Costco?  The roots of the plants in the box look amazing.  If you had a hard time viewing this video just reach out to me or follow on my Bren Haas YouTube Channel.  

You all know I’ve been growing different lilacs for years.. right?  Here is my post about Pruning Lilac Shrubs.

Costco Trip

My husband went to grab some items we needed at home from Costco while getting gas.  I’ve not been to Costco since before the Covid19 / Corona Virus hit my state of Ohio.   As my husband went into the store he text me images ( below) .  I guess this is how we shop until this epidemic is over.  (pray it is over soon … I miss shopping at Costco).

Hubby found the trees I mention in the vlog above at Costco too. 

lilac display at costco

WOW… I really hope these get sold quick… bare-root plants including lilacs like these really need to be kept in a cool location and put in the ground as soon as possible.  

In The Greenhouse

YES… you read that correctly. I was in the greenhouse and not the dome for this project.  My greenhouse was sitting empty so I decided to use it as a safe haven for plants from our Spring cold snaps.   Oliver loves it in the unheated greenhouse.  I guess I should say he LOVES it outside anywhere.  He sat on the chair in the greenhouse watching my transplant for about an hour. What a good Doggie! 

Oliver Helping Me Plant Up The Lilacs

Just look at how nice those barefoot lilacs were out of the box.  It is super important to get these in the ground or a container as soon as you can.  Be sure to watch for frost dates.  These lilacs were inside for most of their life so I will baby them until closer to May 1 when it is safe to get them in the ground.  Check your hardiness zone to verify your frost dates.

bareroot lilac ready to plant

I am looking forward to sharing how these lilacs grow in my Ohio garden so be sure to subscribe to my website and follow me on social media to see updates!

Let’s Connect

Do you grow lilacs in your home garden?  I’d love to hear more about your shrubs and trees so please comment below.  Be sure to follow my shares on social media and connect on my website where I share the latest.

Happy Lilac Growing,

Bren Haas

13 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you posted this! My husband came home with the same lilacs from Costco last week. You came up when I googled.
    Are you worried about the new lilacs with the upcoming cicadas? I’m going to net my new fruit trees, but I haven’t read much about lilacs.

    1. Thank you for sharing on my site Shaye – exciting to hear you are growing lilacs in your home garden! They are a great plant that bloom early on which is great for the bees to enjoy. Now about the cicadas. I am not worried about the 17 year cicada studies. Infact, I would just encourage you to add more items to your home garden that welcome birds. Birds love those cicadas and are a great food source for them. This time of year in my home garden I have a bird bath and putting out my hummingbird feeders. I’ve cut back on bird food in the feeders because those birds love eating all the bugs that naturally come to my home garden. Please check out my feeders for the birds in spring : http://brenhaas.com/tag/bird-feeders

  2. hi !
    I planted the same lilacs from Costco and they are doing pretty well. they are growing really slow…
    I think I planted them really close one another … but my question is :
    can I leave them were they are and maybe keep prune them and keep them small?

    thank you !

    1. Over the years I’ve learned the best time to prune lilac shrubs is right after they bloom. You could keep those newly planted lilac pruned back as short as you like so the energy goes into the root system. The ones I got in the box at Costco are growing really slow and I believe that is because the variety isn’t a vigorous grower. There are many different varieties on the market today so don’t be afraid to try others. One of my absolute favorites is my Bloomarang Lilac. I need to do a better review of them on my site so be sure to register for my newsletter so I you get notifications when I share new content. THANK YOU Patricia for stopping by!

  3. How you lilac are doing now? Could you move them outside?

    1. The lilacs I have featured on this post today shouldn’t be moved outside and planted until the ground is able to be worked. In early March where I live the ground is still frozen and a shovel can’t break but maybe a few inches into the soil. When you plant these outside closer to the last frost date you may find some of the leaves of the lilac have be frost bitten or died. Keep the base of the plant mulched and make sure it is getting enough water (rain) and it should take off by the following year. I put one in the ground by early April and one in a container. The one in the ground got attached by a critter. A repellant may have helped keep the deer or rabbit from eating the fresh wood but I was too busy this time of year and forgot.

      I hope this helps!

  4. What does it mean when it says “2 YEAR” I looked all over the box in person and couldn’t find an explanation.

  5. Oh my, I see this post was two years ago, but it certainly came in handy for me today! Just picked up the lilacs in a box and while looking them up, I discovered your video. So helpful. Thanks! Going out to my garage right now to find two pots. I live in Virginia and we have plenty more cold nights So I’ll keep these and the unfinished part of my basement until it feels safe to put them in the ground. Thanks again for taking the time to do this video – very helpful!

    1. Thank you for commenting and I am thrilled this was helpful for you. Be sure to come back and let me know how yours grow. I need to do an update on what mine look like today. They are kind of a slow grower in my garden.

  6. So glad I came across your site. I purchased the same lilacs from Costco, but mine do not have as many leaves as yours. I see your post is 2 years old – how much have they grown over these years and have they started blooming yet? I have a huge lilac tree with white blooms that the earlier owner had planted, but I always wanted the true lilac colored one, and can’t wait to see the blooms.

    1. It is early for mine to be showing any signs of life. Last year the plant I put in the ground rather than a container was doing well. It had doubled but no blooms yet. When ordering the lilacs in a box you really need to be patient because it will take a few years for the plant to bloom. When May arrives I will try and do a video update so be sure to check back on my site HERE!

  7. Any updated pictures? We bought some and this will be the third year since we planted them. One is about 2 feet tall and the other one is just under 3 ft. Are the supposed to be bushes or small trees? Maybe I’m just being inpatient.

    1. I will do my best to get a photo up ASAP. If you have the lilac shrub planted in the ground it will start to grow new runners from the roots making the lilac ‘bushy’ and full. Mine are in year 4 and the variety I put in the ground is getting new runners up from the root system. The lilac in the container is almost 4 feet tall and not has bushy. As I said I will try and do a video with new images ASAP! This is busy time of year. I am moving new trees, perennials need to get in the ground, lots of lawn care to keep up with the grass growing in between rain showers. THANK YOU so much for leaving a comment. I am going to send you an email when I get my post up with new lilac update!

      Happy Gardening,

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