Harvest Home Grown Spinach

Clean cut at bottom of leaf

In this post I share details on how I personally harvest home grown spinach. You will find detailed video, images and additional links to post on this site featuring how to grow and use home grown spinach.

How to Harvest Home Grown Spinach Video

Flavonoid compounds in spinach act as antioxidants and fight against stomach, skin, breast, prostate and other cancers.  If that isn’t a great reason to grow your greens I don’t know what else to share!  Contrary to those out there who are ‘Popeye The Sailor Man’ fans , Spinach doesn’t contain as much IRON as previously thought.  However, the flavorful and easy to grow green does contain Vitamin K which will help boost bone strength.  Check out my video below on how to harvest this healthy green.

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You can find this video on my Bren Haas Channel features primarily from YouTube.  If you have issues viewing this video content please reach out to me on my site.

Harvest Home Grown Spinach Tips

Most cookbooks recommend to NOT purchase spinach that has any yellow.  To avoid buying old greens I recommend growing your own spinach.  Growing spinach and other greens is super easy.  I share many post about how to this on my website. Here are a tips and tricks to remember when harvesting spinach.

More Home Grown Edible Ideas

Below are links to additional growing edible content features on my site.

pineberry on canva

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In this post I share a video featuring bareroot White Carolina Strawberry (or Pineberry).  You will learn how to plant bareroot strawberry and fun facts

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Let’s Connect

After watching the video and checking out the highlights of growing your own food on this page I want to hear from you.  Please reach out to me and tell me what you think about harvest home grown spinach.

Happy Edible Gardening,

Bren Haas

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