In this post I am sharing the new home garden tomato varieties I started from seed this year.  You will find an update later in the season as the tomato produces fruit.  One of the tomato plants I started just 2 months ago has a few fruits on them already so please read on….

New Home Garden Tomato Varieties

This year I am super excited to be growing some new tomato varieties that are perfect for home gardens.  In this collection list below there are new mini varieties for containers and a super producer that is good for home canning.  Below is the list of each tomato I am growing.

  • Edible Potted Cocoa
  • Tidy Rose Tomato
  • Little Napoli
  • Bellatrix
  • Homeslice
  • Patio Choice Yellow F1
  • Siam Edible Potted Tomato

Click through the images below for more details about each plant.  This tomatoes are from PanAmerican Seed so be sure to ask your local grower to check out their website for seed ordering details.

Please note that these images are not mine but from the seed company PanAmSeed. 

All the tomato plants listed were started on March 27 under lights indoors.  Once they had 4-6 leaves they were divided and moved to the Geodesic Bio Dome.

More Home Garden Varieties On My Website

Be sure to check out more home garden tomato and other edible plants on my websitee.  These are links to post that I share my personal experience growing and how to add them to your menu.  Be sure to reach out to me with any questions you may have.  Also consider subscribing to my newsletter to find out more information featuring creative living and growing ideas.

Sweet Cherry Pie Tree

Sweet Cherry Pie Tree In My Home Garden

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White Star Eggplant Flower

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Geranium Bloom and More in Dome Greenhouse

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Starting Dahlia Plants in Containers

Starting Dahlia Plants in Containers

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The Beautiful Peach in August

Yellow Peach Fruit Tree Review

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The New Location in June

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Let’s Connect

You all know I am super excited to share about the tomatoes I grow in my home garden.  What do you think of this collection?  Are you growing any new edibles in your home garden this year?  Maybe you are growing these tomatoes and would like to share with me and my readers what you think of the plant.  Please consider leaving a message or commenting on this blog post.

Happy Tomato Growing,

Bren Haas

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